From the Vault: Black Metal: Evolution Of The Cult


Author: Dayal Patterson

Publisher: Feral House

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An Interview With Fuoco Fatuo

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Fuoco Fatuo is an Italian doom and death metal act hailing form Varese, north Italy.  The band formed in 2011 and recently released their first full length album The Viper Slithers in the Ashes of What Remains through Iron Tyrant.  The band consists of Fabrizio on drums, Ken on bass (also a member of Into Darkness) and Milo on guitar and vocals (also a member of Funest).  The members of Fuoco Fatuo recently sat down and answered some questions for The Metal Observer.

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An Interview with Kuolemanlaakso


Finnish doom / death metallers Kuolemanlaakso have completed their sophomore album, Tulijoutsen, which is slated to be released on February 28, 2014 through Svart Records. The Metal Observer was given the opportunity to question the band on their recent accomplishments as well as what fans can expect in the future, among other topcis.  Usva (bass) and Laakso (guitars and keyboards) were kind enough to provide some insight into their world.

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The Once and Future Thrash: Top 30 Thrash Albums of 2013 (And More!)

Once and Future Thrash Banner

While 2013 seems to a rather scatter-shot kind of year for many genres, thrash metal seems to still be going at full speed when it comes to upcoming new bands and classic bands continuing their relentless existence. With slightly under 180 albums listened to that could be tagged as thrash in some form or another; my queue this year was a mighty one indeed. The following list required much more thought and deliberation then many years previously and it made for a rather unique one to say the least.

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