The Curious Connection Between Pro Wrestling and Heavy Metal

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PART 1: A Brief Introduction

There’s something to be said about heavy metal and pro wrestling. The mere mention of professional wrestling makes some people scoff and turn away, but so does metal. There is indeed a nice market for each of these forms of entertainment, and even a few subcultures (or sub-genres, if you will) within each field. With this in mind, heavy metal and pro wrestling are actually quite wonderful bedfellows and there is an incredible and undeniable connection between the too. Being seen as “underground” and “counterculture” by many, these two groups are quite connected, and in many ways now more than possibly ever. For the purposes of the article, we will include all forms of metal, from the more traditional to the nü-metal  along with aspects of pro wrestling from the “big leagues” to the underground and independent promotions trying to make an impact on the scene.

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A Chaotic Babel of Sound: A guide to H. P. Lovecraft in Metal Music


“Louder and louder, wilder and wilder, mounted the shrieking and whining of that desperate viol. The player was dripping with an uncanny perspiration and twisted like a monkey, always looking frantically at the curtained window. In his frenzied strains I could almost see shadowy satyrs and Bacchanals dancing and whirling insanely through seething abysses of clouds and smoke and lightning.”

-          H. P. Lovecraft, “The Music of Erich Zann” (1922)

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