Procreating the Wicked: The Year’s Best in Slime

Procreating the Wicked

Welcome to the inaugural edition of Procreating the Wicked; the year’s best in slime, grime and filth. Here is where the year’s filthiest and foulest examples of old goat metal can be found. The best of the best in those amalgamous forms of metal including bits of black, death, thrash, heavy, speed and whatever other type of metal that comes to mind, as long as it’s filtered through ample layers of Hellhammer, Venom, Motörhead and Sarcófago. Without further ado, here’s the years best in sleazy blackened metal.

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The Once and Future Thrash: Top Five Thrash EPs of 2014

Once and Future Thrash Banner

Some say that thrash is best consumed in small portions and often it’s hard to argue that point. The riffs. The energy. Sometimes all you need is four or five tracks to truly ‘mosh it out.’ Here is the top five thrash metal EPs of 2014 for you thrashers out there to hunt out. Some of these were random finds in my constant search for new thrash, so don’t be afraid to support your local bands…you never know when you will find the next big thing.


Impalers - Prepare for War EP

  1. Impalers – Prepare for War
    The Teutonic force runs strong with these Danish thrashers (as is evident in the very impressive Sodom cover on this EP) and while their debut album from last year lacked a bit of the hook to get me going, this EP is a massively punchy release for the band. The riffing abounds and the snarling vocals bite.

    Gangrel - Gangrel Strike EP

  2. Gangrel – Gangrel Strike
    Just like the name of this EP and the dark, sinister cover art, Gangrel seemingly came out of nowhere to strike. Although the retro style of melodic leads, punky vocals, and relentless drum/riff combos might not feel fresh, this EP is an efficient thrashing machine and perhaps one of the biggest gems to come out of the genre this year.

    Vindicator - Sleeping with Evil EP

  3. Vindicator – Sleeping with Evil
    These underground fan favorites really caught my attention with their third record United We Fall in 2012. They follow it up with a continuation of that melodic and hook oriented sound on Sleeping with Evil. If there was one EP that instantly catches the ear on this list, it’s this one.

    Testimony - The Beast that Prays EP

  4. Testimony – The Beast that Prays
    Testimony’s first EP was something of an ambitious, but rarely cohesive release. For their follow up EP The Beast that Prays, they rectify that issue. The progressive elements still pop with relative ease (including some of the best bass work in thrash this year) and the band flows better than ever on this one in balancing the fast, vicious thrash with the progressive writing.

    Suppressive Fire - Hellwraith EP

  5. Suppressive Fire – Hellwraith
    There seemed to be a plethora of blackened thrash releases in 2014 (and good ones), but Suppressive Fire boiled up from the underground – I seriously, stumbled on their Bandcamp account randomly – and really effectively blend the blackened aesthetic with the thrashing outpour of energy.

Eluveitie / Arkona / Skálmöld, London 11 November 2014


Is it common knowledge that Eluveitie have a huge following in London? Having seen Orphaned Land four days earlier, I expected a similar sized crowd for this gig. Surely folk/death metal is quite a niche genre? Clearly not, as the O2 Academy Islington was sold out and rammed for the visit of the Swiss band and their support.

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Orphaned Land / Silent Opera / Mylidian, London 7 November 2014


While there’s nothing wrong with the Tufnell Park Dome as a venue per se, and the alcohol prices are very reasonable, it’s just a bit off the beaten track, especially for those of us who have to travel back through central London. That’s the only reason I can come up with for the poor Friday night turnout at this gig for the excellent Orphaned Land.

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The second night of the Festival was deemed as the first “official” night for the fact that it was the first night of the “main” shows. My friend was coming along with me, and we were both pretty excited. The venue for the main shows this weekend was a venue called The Rialto Theatre, also in downtown Tucson about 45 seconds away from the District. The venue was chosen by the organizers due to being closer to hotels, food, and other accommodations than the prior venue (in 2012 and 2013) known as The Rock.


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The Southwest Terror Fest in Tucson, Arizona just concluded this past Sunday (Oct. 19), and for the third year in a row, the organizers of the festival brought in various acts; in some cases, bands that had not played in Arizona, much less Tucson, for years, or if ever.

The festival’s first year was in 2012, and it wasn’t until the second fest when it finally came to my attention, due mainly to the band Subrosa being part of it. The lineup wasn’t too intriguing, but I love Subrosa, so I knew that I had to go. However, come October 2013, I was going through medical issues dealing with a herniated disc in my lower back. I wasn’t able to attend the festival that year (as well as missing out on the Alcest/Anathema show a few weeks prior), so I was restricted to waiting for this year’s lineup to be announced instead.

The wait was worth it. Acts like Goatsnake, Neurosis, and the mighty Sunn O))) were enough to make me buy tickets. The rest of the line up was icing on the cake. Suffice to say, I got to experience something new to me in more ways than one.



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