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TMO Albums Of The Month: June 2015


Abyssal – Antikatastaseis
by Nathan Hare

Antikatastaseis, is one ugly hybrid of death, black, and doom. Abyssal’s third album is an extremely dense, almost experimental, album that still has a dread-inducing atmosphere and memorable songs. Part of the reason Antikatastaseis‘s songs are so memorable is that Abyssal really have a knack for building intensity and then incorporating a cathartic, almost soothing melody. Antikatastaseis is an album that really pushes the boundaries of death metal in a way that’s both really interesting and oddly accessible.


Six Feet Under – Crypt Of The Devil
by Joshua Bulleid


There seems to be something about 2015. In a continuing trend, May sees yet another early release from a band I wasn’t particularly fond of, that turns out to be absolutely outstanding and completely overshadows everything that came after. I’ve enjoyed the last few Six Feet Under records and I still prefer 2013′s Unborn to this one, but that doesn’t change the fact that Crypt Of The Devil is packed with wall-to-wall headbangers and some of the tastiest leads you’ll come across all year. Crypt Of The Devil is a record that has barely left the player since I first got it, and one that puts Chris Barnes firmly back on the map.



August Burns Red – Found In Far Away Places
by Joshua Bulleid


June has almost been entirely devoid of interesting releases. I was banking on Refused’s Freedom (released on the 30th) to come through at the eleventh hour and give me something to write about but, while Freedom is a decent record it just didn’t excite me all that much. Thankfully long-written-off, Christian, Metalcore band August Burns Red decided to step up to the plate.

I’ve been saying for a while now that Unearth’s Watcher’s Of Rule has sort of ruined music for me a bit since its release in late October last year, as most subsequent releases have simply failed to live up to its overwhelming and intricate brutality. Found In Far Away Places (which I acknowledge sounds remarkably similar to Watchers Of Rule) is the first record to really challenge Watcher’s stranglehold on my “–core” enjoyment and is a pleasantly surprising release that’s got me paying close attention to a band whose last few releases have been a touch underwhelming.




TMO’s Essentials – Folk & Viking Metal


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TMO Albums Of The Month: June 2015



A month low on bigger releases finds the force strong in many smaller ones.

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SHOW REPORT: Kamijo (Los Angeles, California)

It’s not every day that a Francophile vampire from Japan with an unhealthy obsession with roses decides to put on a concert in the United States…

Kamijo Banner

Live at Beyond the Stars in Glendale, California on June 4, 2015.

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