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Matt Reifschneider loves three things in this world: his wife, cult films, and thrash metal. When he isn't scouring the landscape for new thrash, he spends his time writing for Blood Brothers Film Reviews.

The Once and Future Thrash: Top 30 Thrash Albums of 2014

AK-47 ShellsLast year was the first year I took the massive amounts of thrash music that smothers my inbox and credit card statements and ranked it into a top thirty list. It was a grueling endeavor that consumed most of my time in the latter part of November and early December, but I was able to sift through a ton of material to give you, oh dear readers of The Metal Observer, a sort of snap shot of the year. 2014 was no different.

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The Once and Future Thrash: Top Five Thrash EPs of 2014

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Some say that thrash is best consumed in small portions and often it’s hard to argue that point. The riffs. The energy. Sometimes all you need is four or five tracks to truly ‘mosh it out.’ Here is the top five thrash metal EPs of 2014 for you thrashers out there to hunt out. Some of these were random finds in my constant search for new thrash, so don’t be afraid to support your local bands…you never know when you will find the next big thing.

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