Exclusive Advance Track Stream from Blliigghhtted’s Upcoming “Kosmoskampf”

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Check out an exclusive stream from Blliigghtted’s upcoming “Kosmoskampf”, which releases on December 24th through Merdumgiriz.

Turkish self-described Satanic black metal band Blliigghhtted is gearing up to release their fourth full length album on December 24th through the London-based label Merdumgiriz Records, Kosmoskampf. The album will feature four tracks with a forty-four minute running time, focusing on innovative and spiritual black metal. There will also be an accompanying 16mm film with the album.


Check out “And Tiamat’s Present Absence” here:

Blliigghhtted was formed in 2014 by Ruahanathanas, who also performed with Merdumgiriz label mater Viranesir. Joined once again by multi-instrumentalist/filmmaker Emir Togrul of Yayla and drummer Merdumgiriz, the band’s latest offering is poised to be their strongest material to date. As with all other Blliigghhtted album’s, expect a challenging yet rewarding experience of hypnotic black metal tempered with traces of melodic death metal and touches of doom metal.



Koskoskampf’s stark cover artwork

Here’s the official press statement from the band:

The audial part of the Kaoskampf project, which also includes a 16mm film, is 4 epic songs of purist black metal in its most innovative and spiritual form divide the 44-minute album. Emir’s signature bassy vocals reign over a technical chaos of his slithering hypnotic guitars and Merdumgiriz’ off the wall explosive drumming. It would be just to claim that these three musicians who have been continuously banned from every platform and circle for their shining of truth has reached their pinnacle in audial craftsmanship with this album. The music takes many forms including doom lead parts stitched together by fast and relentless black metal to strong melodic death metal marches. This album, along with its poetic lyrics of chaos myth that take its essence from the Chaoskampf theme and runs with it in the timeless self exploration and destruction of mankind that is “theology”. This raw but powerful as fuck production will be released through Merdumgiriz where Emir hand makes all the tapes, all this brings to mind the best of underground times in the 90ies. The innovation is embedded in tradition just as light is embedded into blight, this album is an epitome of doubt, hΩpe(lessness) and devotion thereof.

As with all Merdumgiriz Records releases, all CD and cassette copies of Kosmoskampf, as well as t-shirts and patches, will be handmade and assembled; making all non-machined parts from scratch. Check out the label page here.


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