Metal Archeology – Horoma Exordium



In light of recent research, another artifact has surfaced in Metal Archeology. Coming again from the UK, from Glasgow this time, it is the blackened death metal duo that is “Horoma Exordium”. For those of you not up to date, Metal Archeology is where we feature great bands with less than 100 likes on Facebook and at the time of writing of this post, the aforementioned duo is comfortably sitting at 98 likes despite being around since 2016.

The band’s debut EP “A Modern Act of Heresy” has been released at the end of March this year and is composed of 4 tracks, clocking in at 28 minutes of utter savagery. The 2 band members create a sound of blackened death metal that is harsh and corrosive enough to border on grindcore territory. The visceral screaming and unrelenting gritty pummelling of the drums is what leads them to be more then a traditional blackened death act. I find the incredible speed of the technical drumming to be the highlight of the record and especially the way it emphasizes the energy from the melodies. When listening to this music it almost gives you a feeling of panic, like you’re being chased by a wild beast. I think this alert shock inducing pace working together with the evil tone of the EP is what really sets it aside from the crowd and gives it a unique character.



On a different note, the black metal influence is where the melody comes through (little as it may be) alongside the brutality of the vocals and drums. The tremolo picking guitar melodies and cathartic riffs add enough darkness to the sound to cause a solar eclipse. They are well written and add all the melody that you will hear in the EP, yet the sound chosen for the guitar is also raw and sharp edged.

I’m not experienced in brutal death metal or grindcore and that’s simply because I could never enjoy it. I can here. The music makes sense. Despite being so aggressive that little to no melody comes through, it feels vivid and tangible. Especially if you have expertise in the aforementioned genres you are bound to enjoy this band. And while you’re at it, you may consider clicking the little blue thumbs up button on their Facebook profile. After all, one like now is half of the road from the dirt to the shelves of museums!


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