Metal Archeology – Medenera


And we have uncovered another hidden marvel. Through dumb luck, I came across our third feature for Metal Archeology. Considering that we find one of these gems apparently once every geological eon, I probably have to explain what exactly this is again. Metal Archaeology is where we expose unknown artists, with less than 100 likes on Facebook, thus spotlighting real good music that you would normally miss out on, among everything being released. With all that in mind, meet Medenera (79 likes on Facebook at the time of writing this post), a crazy good one man atmospheric black metal project from Italy.




I was unable to find much information about the band. I don’t even know what the person’s name is, but the music is available on Bandcamp, so you can go check it out right away! Suffice to say, if you have a taste for atmospheric stuff, this band is probably everything you ever dreamed of. With a single titled “Anshar”, released in September 2018, and the full length debut “Medenir” coming on December 25th in the same year, they don’t have a lot of music, but it’s more than enough to have you remember them. 



The music is slow, dark and hypnotic, but as peaceful as a silent forest in winter. The guitars and drums have a muffled and raw sound, so there isn’t any aggressive edge to the music, and it’s all driven by the soothing echoes of the melodies. I like the whispered yet still slightly harsh style of the vocals a lot. It sounds eerie and mysterious and further enhances the atmosphere. Last but not least, there is a very good orchestral layer surrounding the entire soundscape, and it is the main aspect that makes the music so peaceful. If you ever need to hide from the world and tone yourself down, Medenir is the perfect cure for stress or hyperactivity. I highly suggest you give it a try!

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