Acid Cross - Sardu - Metalpunx from Beyond - (8/10)

Published on March 18, 2017


  1. Acid Cross - PsychoMania!
  2. Acid Cross - The Glowing Ones
  3. Acid Cross - Hound of Hell
  4. Acid Cross - Witchmaker
  5. Sardu - Metal Punk Exploding Master
  6. Sardu - Total Devotion
  7. Sardu - Temp Worker
  8. Sardu - Bird of Prey MMXVI


Black / Thrash / Punk


Vonfrost Records

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Canada may not be the first place one thinks of when it comes to sleazy, blackened metal punk, as South America has virtually cornered that market, but the Great White North is beginning to develop more than a handful of bands in the style. Metalpunx from Beyond unites two such bands; Ottawa’s Acid Cross and Toronto’s Sardu. Released on cassette through Von Frost Records, the split offers two unique yet equally grimy takes on blackened, thrashing, punk-tinged metal; each band offering around ten minutes of music.


Acid Cross Logo


Acid Cross caught my attention in 2015 when they dropped a split with Hellripper and Kriegg through Contaminated Tones Productions. Their songs on this split offer the same brand of rollicking, power chord driven gutter metal as before, but seemingly more confident than before. Garbled, snarling rasps serve as vocals as the punk-fueled riffs drunkenly fight their way through a barroom brawl. The riffing focusing mostly on charging crossover/thrash histrionics, with a slightly blackened edge, mostly from the acerbic vocals. A few movie samples are scattered throughout, but they seem to sap a bit of energy from the ferocious attack. Despite that small complaint, Acid Cross offers a fine, if short, soundtrack to get blackout drunk and wake up in the gutter with a vomit stained shirt.


Sardu Logo


In similar slime-ridden fashion, Sardu offers four tracks of blackened sleaze. While both Acid Cross and Sardu are cut from a similar cloth, Sardu’s side focuses more on the Motorhead-esque side of things. Thrashing, punky riffs and rangy double kicks drive forward, with reckless abandon. Occasional speed metal-tinged licks and solos belie the old “no class” ethos, yet it still sounds primitive and primal. Baron Sardu’s vocals are comprised of feisty, snarling growls, yet the additional gang shouts offer a dose of drunken revelry to the mix. The tracks see Sardu improving on the formal they started with on their 2014 debut, Standing at the Precipice, so with any luck we’ll be hearing more from these guys soon.


Sewer-drenched, grease-stained, blackened foulness is in full supply on Metalpunx from Beyond. Fans of Witchtrap, Toxic Holocaust and Abigail should rejoice, as both Sardu and Acid Cross will scratch that itch for depraved punk-tinged metal. Recommended for late night strolls through the back alley, this split shows that sweaty, humid metalpunk is not just a South American thing anymore.

Shawn Miller

Author: Shawn Miller

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