Adramelch - Irae Melanox - (10/10)

Published on May 1, 2003


  1. Fearful Visions
  2. Zephirus
  3. Irae Melanox
  4. Lamento (Anonymous XV Century)
  5. Decay (Saver Comes)
  6. Was Called Empire
  7. Eyes of Alabaster
  8. Dreams of a Jester


Progressive Metal


Metal Master RecordsWarlord Records

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Many people only know the name of Adramelch as a myth, some worship is like a token, a sign from God himself. For many years it had only been available as part of the bootleg series Reborn Classics: Irae Melanox, the one and only album of this Italian quintet.


Anyways, Irae Melanox (I still have to find out what the title means exactly, “irae” means anger, just what the hell does “melanox” mean?) was finally made available to the public in 1999 by Italian label Warlord Records and damn, had it been time that this finally happened! Those who already know this album, know what Irae Melanox stands for: brilliant song writing and musicianship and a subterranean production…


Adramelch band


Well, musically Irae Melanox is a hybrid of progressive and power metal, with a rather high voice and I don’t know, if it is because of or despite the thin sound, but definitely also a pretty own guitar sound and compositions that still more than stand the test of time, even in the year 2003!


From opener “Fearful Visions” through to closing “Dreams of a Jester” Adramelch deliver is with godlike songs that so much have their very distinct sound that you could tell them apart from thousands – and this is no exaggeration, trust me! And among these compositions, two stand out even more, the short medieval instrumental “Lamento” (from the 15th century) and THE Adramelch song “Was Called Empire”. Once you have the chorus of this song, there is no holding back anymore, it’s over, you’re lost, you are forever under the spell of it…



After the original release nothing was ever heard of Adramelch again, even though I have read rumours that they allegedly are working on new material again! But I have no clue, if that is the case or not…


Anyways, the only flaw is the thin production, but at the same time it just adds to the unique charm of this album (which still might scare away some younger metalheads though…), but in any way, Irae Melanox is a true classic and hidden/lost gem, if there ever was one. To put it into mere words is almost impossible, so just trust me on this: Irae Melanox is the godfather of progressive power metal, so on your knees, minions!

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