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Published on September 8, 2015


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Ancestral Dawn


Peru’s metal scene seems to be seeing a big surge in traditional metal and power metal bands that are pushing to the fore, with the likes of Nautiluz and Blizzard Hunter leading the charge forward. Now another new band is vying for a spot in the spearhead of the movement, Ancestral Dawn and their first single Rise of the Ancestor. Led by guitarist Jorge Higginson, this band boasts the talents of none other than Dragonland’s Jonas Heidgert on vocals, so setting the standard fairly high right from the get-go.


Ancestral Dawn band


Musically Ancestral Dawn treat the listener to some very European style power metal, complete with keyboard flourishes, mostly upper tempo and some filigree guitar work, but in the middle they also add a section with Peruvian woodwind instruments, which lends some authenticity and also character to the song, which otherwise could have been attributed to a band from pretty much any country.



One song with just a little over four minutes and not a whole lot of background information on the band is not exactly a lot to be able to form a comprehensive opinion with, but Rise of the Ancestor is a good and interesting first step, which gives hope for a little more meat (if you are vegetarian, feel free to substitute with tofu) the next time around and it will be interesting to see, if the Peruvian influence might resurface in future compositions.

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