Arbre Mort - Insufferable Humanity - (8/10)

Published on October 4, 2019


  1. Insufferale Humanity
  2. Ego Death
  3. Chronic Asphyxiation
  4. Body Farm
  5. Fear The Worst
  6. Murder By Numbers


Blackened Death



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And I came across yet another album on the border between forward thinking tech death and old school death metal. This is Louisiana’s bold and ballsy quartet “Arbre Mort” and their second album “Insufferable Humanity” (love the attitude in that title). It’s a combination of all the more aggressive sub-genres of metal, from death to black and I would say it even thrashes a little. But definitely the slamming riffs are the cherry on top of the cake for me. This is some of the most “in your face” stuff I heard this year. Not exactly what you would call refined, but just great fun to listen to.



Arbre Mort has all the good death metal ingredients: double kicks, blast beats, sick riffs, filthy screams & growls, tempo changes, virtuous technical solos and heaps of brute force. The tempo changes are definitely some of the best assets, turning the songs fairly unpredictable and giving some really cool energy shifts, either by turning slow and heavy or mental fast (or why not both – see riff in “Murder By Numbers” at 7:32). The music is quite engaging but it definitely becomes more fun as you spend some time with it and begin to anticipate all the cool twists. The transition in the second track at the 3 minute mark may just be the most inspired idea in the whole record. In case you were too lazy to click any YouTube link from this post, I could give you a more accurate idea of what these guys sound like by associating them to the likes of Kataklysm, Hypocrisy, Death, Suffocation, or even Cannibal Corpse. And I like that despite the simple idea of chugging away and being aggressive, the music is still various and consistent in good ideas. There is little to no fill in content and the album is kept dense and packed at just 6 tracks and 35 minutes in length. Furthermore, despite relying on riffs as the basis of the music there are still some pretty good flashy solos on this album.



And that pretty much gives you the headlines. I’m surprised to find a lot of good up & coming bands lately and these guys certainly are rather memorable. If you’re into any of the more extreme sides of metal, Insufferable Humanity should be on your playlist. Not the most innovative record but it’s actually really good quality and it gives you more than it promises on first glance. Totally worth your time. Check it out! Now available on Arbre Mort’s Bandcamp page.

Author: George Dan

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