Atlas Entity - Beneath the Cosmic Silence - (8.5/10)

Published on May 25, 2019


  1. Adorned in Red
  2. In the Shadow of the Mountain pt. 1
  3. In the Shadow of the Mountain pt. 2
  4. Murmurs of Dissent
  5. Visions of Gold
  6. Windswept
  7. Scorned by the Snow
  8. Celestial Noise


Progressive Death / Melodic Death



Playing Time:







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After listening to Devin Townsend’s “Empath”, I pretty much knew straight away that Samus Paulicelli is currently one of the best death metal drummers on the map. And he’s behind the kit on this album which is more than enough to make it worth a listen. Atlas Entity is a progressive death metal two man project with Sam on the drums and Alex Gallegos on guitars, bass and vocals. It’s an independent release and also the band’s debut and for a project that’s just kicking off, it sounds very promising!



The album offers really tight and impressive playing all the way through. The drum parts are obviously very technical. But what I like about Samus is that he doesn’t just play fast but he has impeccable control and precision even at the most ridiculous speeds! However, this album isn’t focused on speed. Yes, there are blast beats and there’s a frenzy of double pedals, strums and at times it even feels like black metal, but the tempo is maintained at a decent pace and allows a lot of musicality to come through. It’s also got a strong progressive side that gives the songs an extra spice of intricacy. The riffs sound very thick and powerful and are kept on point, not going over the top in complexity but keeping it interesting and unpredictable. What really surprised me about the guitar parts was just how melodic it can get, and that aspect is present both in the riffs and in the leads. And though there’s some proper shredding in the solos, the main focus in the lead guitar is melody, at times actually feeling like 100% melodic death metal.



A lot of the emotion carried out by this album is in the lead guitar but it also comes through in the atmospheric, acoustic guitar parts, where the bass also stands out much easier and has more space to move around. And on the subject of emotion, there’s definitely the vocals that come into play. There’s both clean singing and growls and I have some mixed feelings about the vocal performance because although it’s very well delivered and quite expressive, it gets a bit monotonous and doesn’t really have anything to make it stand out from the crowd. Another bug on this album would be that it seems to get a bit repetitive, in the sense that all the songs maintain the same sound and atmosphere, but with a run time of just over 40 minutes that’s not a very big issue. And the songwriting is cohesive, maintaining a good flow to the songs and making the alternation between the heavy and atmospheric parts run smoothly.



Overall, this is a strong debut and it displays fantastic musicianship and potential! It is also very well mixed and mastered to keep all the instruments sounding really tight but it also allows a fair amount of grittiness to occur. Atlas Entity should definitely appeal to death metal and even black metal fans and I’d also encourage the rest of you to give it a try. It probably doesn’t stand out all that much but it’s really good quality and if you give it a little time you won’t be able to deny that!

Author: Andrei Dan

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