Baphomet’s Blood - In Satan We Trust - (9/10)

Published on March 31, 2016


  1. Command of the Inverted Cross
  2. In Satan We Trust
  3. Hellbreaker
  4. Underground Demons
  5. Triple Six
  6. Infernal Overdrive
  7. Whiskey Rocker
  8. Elég (Fáraó Cover)


Thrash / Speed Metal


Iron Bonehead Productions

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Italian metal is deeply rooted in evil. If not on the slower side (see Black Hole, Death SS and Paul Chain), then those souls possessed by the demonic forces of thrash and black metal become the embodiment of nefariously soul-burning music. The likes of Bulldozer, Necrodeath, and Schizo blazed through the ‘80s on blackened chariots and tore the scene a gaping hole down towards hell, summoning forth an army of fiends to lay waste to the non-believers of heavy metal. Amongst those foot soldiers eventually emerged Baphomet’s Blood who have unleashed their undying devotion for the horned one on their fourth album, In Satan We Trust.


Baphomet's Blood In Satan We Trust


Since 2003, these satanic beerdrinkers have been hell-bent on assaulting our ears with their menacing speed metal fury, preaching the path of alcohol and metal to all who attend their church. With each successive sermon, those denim-clad followers bear witness to an onslaught of frenzied fretwork courtesy of slayers Angel Trosomaranus and Necrovomiterror, the latter of which projects his message as if channelling the energy of all the souls standing before him. Though their latest offering comes some six years after the previous book of psalms, Metal Damnation, the four horsemen of the beer-pocalypse have lost none of their evil drive: In Satan We Trust ruptures the nerves and snaps the neck off all those caught in its path.



As the coven of witches descend into the carnal dance, opener ‘Command of the Inverted Cross’ takes a slow chokehold on the follower before hurling them into the middle of a feeding frenzy. By far not the fastest track present, it is no doubt a perfect appetiser of what is to come as it gives way to the Speedwolf-shredding of the title track and the pummelling of slaughter of ‘Hellbreaker’. Relentless is the album from this point, only slowing briefly for ‘Triple Six’, a dirty Venom-drenched cacophony straight out from the garage of an ‘80s denim-clad warrior. Cheesy Satanism? Yes. Hell-bound fun? You betcha! The flock will testify that this is what makes their brand of speed intoxicating – Baphomet’s Blood do not tread new ground; instead, they trample on the war-torn path until it descends into embers and hot coal, keeping the fire burning. What is different however is the balance of thematic hymns: ‘Whiskey Rocker’ is the album’s only alcohol-soaked number here, but it sure is a damn fine one at that. To close this chapter, the band blitz through a rendition of recently revived Hungarian tormentors Fáraó’s classic ‘Elég’, flexing their chops with some top-class rock’n’roll.



In Satan We Trust should please even the casual horde within metal and is a powerful gut-punch to those who feel the genre is losing its way as well as a reminder that Baphomet’s Blood are well and truly back. It is everything a true speed-freak could possibly ask for with added Satan but, let’s be honest: speed metal and the devil go together like Jesus on the cross, exactly how these soldiers from hell like it.

Author: Jamie Cansdale

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