Bastardizer - Whipstriker - Strike of the Bastard - (8/10)

Published on April 13, 2015


  1. Bastardizer - Demons Unleashed
  2. Bastardizer - Up the Ante
  3. Bastardizer - Sacrifice (Bathory Cover)
  4. Whipstriker - Grind 'em Down
  5. Whipstriker - Vengeance Day
  6. Whipstriker - Burn the Virgin's Hole


Blackened Thrash / Heavy Metal / Speed Metal


Dying Victims Productions

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Strike of the Bastard is a split release from Brazilian blackened heavy/speed metal horde Whipstriker and Australian black thrashers Bastardizer. A digital version was released by the bands independently while the LP version will drop through Dying Victims Productions, the CD version will be released by Hell Vomit Records and the cassette will be handled by Hellforced Records. Each band brings three tracks of their signature sounds and the blackened yet rollicking edge of both bands allows the split to transition nicely between sides.


Sydney-based Bastardizer, who formed in 2013, leads the charge, with two original tracks and a cover of Bathory’s classic “Sacrifice”. Really, Bathory’s debut album would be a good starting point for Bastardizer’s sound, as the music is fast, aggressively thrashing and full of blackened grit. “Demons Unleashed” brings a fast paced, charging guitar riff that oozes the stuff of primordial blackened thrash, hearkening to the work of Nocturnal and Aura Noir with just a dash of early Sodom. Rollicking drums and thundering bass surge forth, while the deep, growled vocals bring an acerbic air to the offering. “Up the Ante”, while still fast and furious, brings a bit more in the way of galloping, punk fueled thrash riffing and begins hinting at d-beat drumming and a few slick leads work their way in, bringing a trace of Midnight to the content. This rhythmic blackened thrash flows straight into the band’s competent cover of “Sacrifice”. The full-bodied production allows everything to shine through despite the band’s primal style of play.



Hailing from the “wild lands” of Rio de Janeiro, Whipstriker follows suit with three tracks of amped up blackened heavy/speed metal influenced by the likes of Venom, Tank and Motörhead. Led by the indefatigable Victor Whipstriker on bass and vocals, the band presents a solid mix of tempos and varying degrees of heaviness. Starting with “Grind ’em Down”, Whipstriker presents one of their heaviest tracks in a while, with Victor’s garbled South American snarl taking center stage. The riffs meet at the center point between rollicking speed metal, fast and rangy punk rock and galloping thrash while the drums speed along to a thrashy, double kick beat. “Vengeance Day” focuses more on fast paced metal punk riffing and a chorus that is catchy as hell despite the raw and rangy approach. Closing with “Burn the Virgin’s Hole”, the band brings their early Venom worship to the forefront, with a slithering, anthemic sound calling to mind the fire of Black Metal or Welcome to Hell.



It’s hard to choose a clear favorite on this split, as both acts bring solid slabs of blackened metal; Bastardizer with their nods to Nocturnal Breed, Aura Noir and Toxic Holocaust and Whipstriker with their unabashed Venom and Tank influences. Whipstriker have certainly proven themselves to be among blackened metal’s elite while Bastardizer seem to have set themselves on the right path. Fans of no frills, primal blackened metal should check this split out.

Shawn Miller

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