Black Fate - Between Visions & Lies - (8/10)

Published on February 19, 2015


  1. Rhyme of a False Orchestra
  2. Line in the Sand
  3. The Game of Illusion
  4. Into the Night
  5. In Your Eyes
  6. Call of the Wild
  7. State of Conformity
  8. Without Saying a Word
  9. Perfect Crime
  10. Weight of the World
  11. In Fear


Progressive Power


Ulterium Records

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Black Fate


Greek power metal has an excellent reputation, with or without progressive touches (see Airged L’Amh, Emerald Sun, Firewind, InnerWish, Crosswind, Battleroar and more), and Larissa’s Black Fate and their fourth full album Between Visions & Lies falls right into that category, both in style and quality.


While much of the album operates in mid-tempo and some spikes either way of the speed spectrum, Between Visions & Lies is anything but one-note, with the band’s experience (they have been around since 1990) clearly showing in the mature songwriting and excellent dynamics they build up in order to avoid any kind of sameyness. Power metal fans will also have another factor they may enjoy immensely and that is Vasilis Georgiou’s voice, which more than once resembles a certain Mr. Roy Khan in an at times uncanny fashion.


Black Fate band


This being said, the Greek should not be just easily put down as a band with a singer that sounds like Khan, because for that there is way too much musical substance involved. Despite the strong resemblance on the first two tracks, “Rhyme of a False Orchestra” and “Line in the Sand”, both songs actually put Black Fate on the map with great sets of dynamics, nice power and strong vocals they prove that the band can hold its own with ease.


Overall Between Visions & Lies is an immensely catchy album that never turns shallow, though, be it up-paced “In Your Eyes”, slow and a little Kamelot influenced “Call of the Wild”, the excellent ballad “Without Saying a Word” or the dynamic closer “Weight of the World”, the band’s experience, as mentioned above, definitely shows and not all tracks show the Khan influence in Georgiou’s vocal style, so the Greek cannot just be put down as a Kamelot clone for sure.



Equipped with a clear and strong production, Black Fate should finally be able to garner a wider acceptance among the metal community and if they can win over a few faltering Kamelot fans that haven’t been able to come to terms with the Americans’ change of direction, then all the better for them. Whichever way you turn this, Between Visions & Lies is a more than worthy pick up for the connoisseurs of things power and prog!

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