Blizzard Hunter - Heavy Metal to the Vein - (7/10)

Published on August 10, 2015


  1. Conqueror of Destiny
  2. I'm on My Way
  3. Heavy Metal to the Vein
  4. Heart of Fire (Vampire Hunter's song)
  5. Nemesis (Feel My Strength)
  6. Ghost Rider
  7. The Murder
  8. My Revenge
  9. The Joke
  10. The Final Judgment


Heavy Metal


Pure Underground Records

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Blizzard Hunter


Someone alert the media, somewhere around Lima, Peru, there is either a time machine or a rift in the space/time continuum, enabling bands from the 80s to come into the year 2015! Whoever needs proof for that, look no further than Blizzard Hunter and their debut Heavy Metal to the Vein. Pure heavy metal of the oldest school is what these Peruvians are all about, as if the last thirty years had never happened!


Blizzard Hunter band


Classic riffing, galloping drums, thumping bass and the vocals of Sebastian “Dragon” Palma, everything screams eighties and while most fans of the more modern variances of the genre will probably cringe from the first song on, this is a traditionalist’s wet dream. Especially vocally the 80s are absolutely alive, up to the shrill shrieks that were so iconic for that decade (just listen to the chorus of “My Revenge”), remember that time machine? Production wise Heavy Metal to the Vein also would have fit right into the Eighties, sounding analog, but it is exactly the sound that this music needs to stay authentic and there definitely is nothing gimmicky about Blizzard Hunter!


Operating a lot in uptempo regions, the one-two punch of “I’m on My Way” and the title track will separate the chaff from the wheat, because it will not take more to either enchant or repel. Who manages to stick around, though, will be treated with some of the best retro metal of the year, which has plenty of charm, passion and authenticity. Driving “Heart of Fire (Vampire Hunter’s Song)” has this epic edge that will endear the band to the fans even more. Out of the tracks off their 2011 demo Demo 2011, “I’m on My Way”, “Ghost Rider” and “The Joke”, the latter two clearly show an even older touch than the newer material, but that is not to say that songs such as “The Murder” or “The Final Judgment” are not traditional to the very core.



Heavy Metal to the Vein’s title could not hit the nail any squarer on the head, because Blizzard Hunter are a feast for anybody who loves the traditional metal from the 80s and for these guys the last 30 years have not happened. Some may view them as an anachronism, others as saviours of the original sound, the truth, as so often, is somewhere in between and the quality is there, not necessarily consistently, but it will not disappoint any fan of the “old sound”.

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