Born for Burning - Born for Burning - (8/10)

Published on June 25, 2014


  1. Shadows and Flames
  2. Burn in Fire




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Born for Burning was formed in 2012 by several Swedish black metal scene veterans, including former and current members of Blot Mine, Midvinter, Setherial, Sorhin, Sorghegard, Unanimated and In Aeternum, just to name a few. Taking two years to release a pair of tracks, the band released their debut 7”, the eponymously titled Born for Burning, in 2014 which is also available digitally. Summoning the vibes of the founding fathers, Born for Burning rips through two tracks of simplistic pummeling and rollicking blackened metal that can only be described as evil and primal.


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These rapacious Swedes deliver an old school assault, with simplistic yet rollicking tracks. Starting out with the pulsing, power chord ridden “Shadows and Flames”, Born for Burning evokes the bestial nature of Bathory’s most primitive works, while “Burn in Fire” mixes those Bathory vibes with a healthy dose of Countess styled riffing. There’s no denying that this album is completely derivative, but that’s how we like our proto-black metal; dirty and mean and just like Quorthon used to do.


The vocals are raspy shouts and growls, much like Quorthon’s style on the first few albums. The guitars have a nice meaty tone with enough dirty to sound primitive, yet with enough oomph to not sound flat, which is something I’ve noticed with a lot of retro/throwback bands lately. Speaking of tones, the bass is superbly tasty, with a simplistic thump echoing from the depths. It works especially well with the simplistic, stomping drum beats throughout. All of the cards seem to fall in line with Born for Burning’s debut two track. Really, the only thing that turned me off was the noodling lead guitars which popped in sporadically.



Even though I know these guys can play fast, as evidenced by their other bands, they chose to stay within the realm of primal, bestial metal. The music has more nods to old school Bathory than you can imagine. Hell, the band even calls their music “Old School Bathory Black Metal”, so what’s that tell you? It’s not original, but it’s not meant to be. Take this as it is: old school, proto-black metal worship done right. I’d love to hear what these guys can do with a full length…

Shawn Miller

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