Burning Nitrum - Molotov - (9/10)

Published on September 11, 2014


  1. Subversive Nausea (Intro)
  2. Remote of Death
  3. Apocalypse of Pain
  4. High Speed Bangers
  5. Lying Until the End
  6. Falling into Slavery (Intro)
  7. Slave of Lust
  8. Sparkling Splatter
  9. Nemesis, the Death Star
  10. Turned to Ashes (Nothing Stands Still)




Punishment 18 Records

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Nothing can stop the Italians. Not repetition. Not a genre that is over saturated. Not even young bands with debuts can seemingly stop the Italian thrash scene from spilling over with some top tier talent. For Burning Nitrum, it’s as if the band has been tearing out high quality thrash for decades. Their debut Molotov, simply doesn’t sound like a debut as it ably blends modern structures and old school performances into a well oiled thrashing machine complete with massive hooks, ripping lead work, and a penchant for smart song writing. In a time when thrash is starting to run a bit monotonous, Molotov is here to set your ears on fire. 


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One of the finer elements of the genre is a band’s ability to be both energetically vicious and somewhat mature in the song writing and performances. It’s a task that takes time for some bands, but for Burning Nitrum the balance is immediately evident on Molotov. This debut kicks off with a nice melodic intro of dueling guitars, but from there the band immediately caters to the heart and soul of what thrash metal is truly about: riffing. Throughout the entire release, Burning Nitrum trade off efficient riffing, razor sharp leads, and melodic interludes with stunning ease. “Remote of Death” and “High Speed Bangers” both utilize a bit of groove aspect to get an anthem like feel going for the music, but the band backs it with some high speed drum work to keep it all moving at a brisk pace.


The ability for Molotov to shift gears like this in the writing is another reason why this debut is going to cut the list for best thrash of the year. The band is not content with just a brief 3 minute mosh track for easy consumption (although the band does have their more standardized sounding moments like “Apocalypse of Pain”) and they continually wrap some diverse writing into their music to keep it interesting. “Slave of Lust,” outside of having its own intro, rapidly shifts its foundational landscape of writing to rise as one of the album highlights. Hell, the band even punches out an almost 8 minute instrumental on “Nemesis, the Death Star” that remains just as hook oriented and catchy without the high pitched thrash vocals to drive it forward.



Burning Nitrum already intrigued me from their Ed Repka cover artwork and solid reputation from their previous EP, but Molotov was so much more than I expected from a debut. It’s instantly memorable in the writing with no filler to be found and the performances from the band are insanely top notch. This is the kind of album that many thrash bands would love to release at the peak of their creative careers and it’s only a debut for these Italians. This comes with only the highest of recommendations.


Matt Reifschneider

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