Casket Robbery - The Ascension - (8/10)

Published on October 16, 2017


  1. Pockets Lined with Flowers
  2. The Ascension
  3. Lilith


Brutal Death



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Formed in 2010 in Madison, Wisconsin, the brutal death metal act Casket Robbery already has a full-length, EP and demo to their name. While their debut was released last year, the band has undergone some line-up changes since then. Clearly not a band to stay quiet, and perhaps energized by the new line-up, Casket Robbery is already ready releasing a new, intense three track EP entitled The Ascension. The new songs certainly feel high energy, and they are a nice non-stop kick to the gut.

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To get perhaps the negative out of the way first, the production sounds a bit thin on the album, though being an EP and independently released, it doesn’t sound bad by any means. That being said, the actual music contained in the release is fantastic. Each track sounds similar to the last, but also manage to keep their own identity and are clearly defined from one another. There is no real time to slow down, given the short play time, and these five members burn through these ten minutes with great aggression, but a good sense of groove too.

While the guitars are razor sharp, and pack a lot of riffage into a small space, the rest of the band are no slouches. The drums change pace quite often, but never feel sloppy or muddy in the transitions. The bass adds a nice bottom end, but again the production doesn’t quite do it the justice it deserves. The occasional keys add a nice extra layer to the band and take the tracks to the next level, while the vocals are vicious as hell and give the album a nice sense of urgency, not to say the music itself slacks in that department, but the vocal performance and overall vocal patterns add some adrenaline to an already high-energy release.

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Coming off the heels of an impressive full-length, the line-up changes have seemed to only push the band further and give them a new sense of themselves. While the release of new music so quickly could feel rushed, choosing to do a three track EP is the perfect way to show what to expect moving forward, but give the fans something to tide them over while the band finds their footing even more in their new iteration. The next release from this US band should be even more impressive.

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