Celestial Bodies - Spit Forth From Chaos - (8/10)

Published on April 27, 2017


  1. The Final Covenant
  2. The Nazarene Bastard Crowned
  3. Burning Trident
  4. Destroyer Of Aeons
  5. Return To The Endless Void
  6. Sign Of The Wolf
  7. Chaos Of Infinity
  8. Kingdom Of Black Torment
  9. No Place To Hide
  10. Reflections Of Ain Soaf
  11. Towards Perdition


Extreme Black / Noise


I, Voidhanger Records

Playing Time:







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Celestial Bodies3


Noise and metal have been known to mix quite a bit. From Full Of Hell and Merzbow to some of the various collaborations The Body work on, theres something about the chaos of noise and the hatred of black metal that combine so wonderfully. Continuing this trend is the Dutch band Celestial Bodies. With their I, Voidhanger debut, Spit Forth From Chaos, the release lives up to its name.

From the opening seconds of the album, the noise, commanded by Nihil member Vincent Koreman dials in the electronics and feedback, and creates a massive wall of sounds that are complimented by erratic drumming by Dead Neanderthals’ Rene Aquarius. The first track alone showcases what the band does best, which is combine these two elements to the point of cacophony, and it becomes quite hypnotic. Due in part to the production, the sounds meld together, nearly to the point of sounding muddled and almost unintelligible, but there is just enough restraint in the playing, and production to keep the noise and drums audible and distinguishable enough.

Celestial Bodies2

The vocals on the record are largely screamed, as there is no need for a clean vocal on this release. The vocals come across well, being powerful and sounding angered and throat shredding enough. While the majority of the album is of course very heavy, and almost grating, the halfway point does bring in a nice breather in the form of “Sign Of The Wolf”. The electronics are still very heavy and distorted beyond belief, but the slower and more prodding approach combines well with the snarled vocals. The track feels a lot more demonic and haunting as the vocals get a nice highlight. The more restrained aspects of the band is a nice change of pace, but also allows the two members to show they can slow down when needed but not lose any of their intensity.

Celestial Bodies 1

As stated previously, the album can be grating to some, and this is not an album that would be the easiest to digest for those not too keen on the noise side of things. However, there is so much going on in these songs that it begs for repeated listens. There is always some loop or drum patter hidden underneath the chaotic barrage the album gives, but these extra elements add so much. Spit Forth From Chaos is a great debut from a couple of well seasoned musicians coming together to try and create something haunting, demonic and just simply uncomfortable. There is power in these 38 minutes, and it’s one hell of a journey.

Neill Bird

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