Chariots of the Gods - Into Oblivion - (7.5/10)

Published on July 21, 2016


  1. Into Oblivion


Melodic Death / Metalcore



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Chariots of the Gods


Ottawa/Gatineau’s Chariots of the Gods are back with a new single, titled Into Oblivion, preceding their upcoming second full-length album Ages Unsung. Following the lead of their 2013 debut Tides of War, Into Oblivion still ploughs the fields between melodic death and some modern (metalcore?) influences, but where other contemporaries seem to enjoy throwing breakdowns around like there was no tomorrow, these lads concentrate more on actual songwriting than just appeasing the masses that will gobble up anything with the suffix “core”.


Chariots of the Gods band


To illustrate this point, “Into Oblivion” delivers some sharp leads and great harmonies within a powerful, modern melodic death metal framework that also features The Agonist’s Pascal Jobin as guest vocalist. It has excellent drive and good power, avoiding both a purely linear direction as well as a “progressive” disjointedness, giving a pretty good idea of what Chariots of the Gods is about, continuing where Tides of War had left off, with the vocals sitting between regular melodic death and more deathcore influenced screams, which are the main modern influence in their sound..



While not necessarily able to stand apart as characteristic Chariots of the Gods, Into Oblivion still beats many of their contemporaries and whets appetite for full album for sure!

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