Chin Up, Kid - Swing With Your Eyes Closed - (7/10)

Published on June 13, 2017


  1. Overview
  2. No Regrets
  3. Swing With Your Eyes Closed
  4. Ensions
  5. Look Around
  6. Turning Point
  7. Daydreamer
  8. Expectations
  9. Catch These Hands
  10. Your Fault, Not Mine
  11. Yesterday


Pop / Punk


Standby Records

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Indianapolis, Indiana based pop-punk band Chin UP, Kid come to The Metal Observer as a bit of a surprise, as did Daycare For Jedi. Getting a promo for multiple pop-punk bands may be odd for a mostly extreme metal site, but the chance to experience new music regardless of genre is never a bad thing by any means. While growing up, pop-punk was heavily based on simple riffs, catchy choruses with sing along lyrics, the crop of bands in the genre currently seem to have more going on in terms of combining some hardcore and metalcore influence at times. With Chin Up, Kid, the band manages to keep some of the catchy choruses alive in the genre, and make for an actually pretty enjoyable listen on their debut full-length, Swing With Your Eyes Closed.

Chin Up Kid1

While the intro track features some musical aspects closer the dent or metalcore styles, the vocals are certainly in the pop-punk realm. This intro track does a good job really showing and letting you know what you’ll be getting throughout the rest of the release. Where some of the transitions from verse to chorus seem non-existent (the music basically staying the same), there is a clear attempt to create a sing along chorus in these tracks. “No Regrets” comes across as a perfect example of the band’s approach. While the song stays the same musically throughout most of the track, the chorus is memorable and gets stuck in your head well after the song ends.

Chin Up Kid2

The lyrics and music are also very non-offensive in the sense of being easy to digest. The guitars tend to stick to simplistic riffing and chords, with some leads being added in here and there with the second guitar, while the drum never loses the sense of creating a groove to nod along to, and even throws in some nice fills throughout the album. The production is also nice to hear, as the album is not an over-produced mess and doesn’t sound too computerized or “perfect”. There is a more natural feel and sound to this release, giving the whole thing more of a down home feel as opposed to some larger than life band, which is enjoyable. While the angsty and emo lyrics are very typical of the genre, the vocal performance is good, and doesn’t come across as too nasal or whiny as some bands in the genre tend to suffer from.

Chin Up Kid4

While pop-punk is not a genre I cannot claim to be too entirely familiar with in it’s finer points, Chin Up, Kid have still produced something enjoyable and worth a few repeated listens. Fans of the genre can certainly do worse than these guys, and as a debut from a newer band in an overcrowded music scene, Swing With Your Eyes Closed actually leaves the listeners with a nice impression and could lead to some bigger things for the band down the road. Harder to recommend for our usual readers, but those longing for nostalgia from the late 90’s MTV pop-punk scene would find something to latch onto here.

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