Colosalist - Pass into Oblivion - (8.5/10)

Published on November 28, 2015


  1. Creeping Frost
  2. In Light of Lantern
  3. Aeonian
  4. Witnesses from Shadows


Doom / Pagan



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Czech Republic




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It doesn’t happen often that a 4-track debut EP of a band that was just founded a year ago sees a label release right away. Czech Colosalist and their Pass into Oblivion EP are one of these rare occasions, having been scooped up by MetalGate Records right at the get go and when listening to the not even 17 minutes contained, it quickly becomes clear why that happened. Consisting of two former Silent Streams of Godless Elegy musicians and a member of Endless, Colosalist are delivering a pagan/doom metal tidbit that will make the collective mouths of both camps water in no time flat.


Colosalist band


Taking inspiration from the two already mentioned bands, adding a good dose of Root and Colosalist’s style is taking shape. Pounding doom with dramatic keyboard flourishes and semi-clear vocals is emanating this pagan spirit that never comes to the foreground, but is just always there enough to penetrate the doom metal and give it its own tint. And the strong keyboard presence of “In Light of Lantern” plays wonderfully off the slow and plodding doom rhythm and guitars, while remaining a dynamic entity that transcends the regular paradigm of what doom metal should sound like.


“Aeonian” adds a surprising element of a more progressive hue that includes some black metal influences in both music and vocals that paints a quite different picture of Colosalist’s musical direction, even though they maintain the same foundation tying things together, while closing “Witnesses from Shadows” returns to the almost playful doom metal that lives off the keyboard melodies, but without getting cheesy.



Pass into Oblivion is a great first sign of life for Colosalist and shows the experience of main man Petr Staněk, taking a solid doom metal foundation and adding plenty of atmosphere, this Czech twist to it and cohesive songwriting that makes this band a front runner in the race of most anticipated debut album. Surely not for everybody, but another high quality band and release from the Czech Republic to keep an eye on!

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