Condor - Töxik Death - Victims of Burnign Death - (7.5/10)

Published on October 17, 2014


  1. Condor - Chained Victims
  2. Condor - When Death Comes
  3. Töxik Death - Burning Death
  4. Töxik Death - The Beast


Black / Thrash


Dying Victims Productions

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 Condor  - Victims of Burning DeathToxik Death - Victims of Burnign Death


Victims of Burning Death is a split release that was realized in the cold northern climates of Norway. Although the label that brought this together, Dying Victims Productions is based in Germany, both bands featured on this split 7-inch are based in Norway. Töxik Death was formed in 2003 and is based in Sandnes, the same place Carpathian Forest calls home, while the other half of the split, Condor, who formed in 2009, is part of the infamous Kolbotn thrashers union, along with the legendary Darkthrone and death metal stalwarts Obliteration. Both bands bring two tracks each of blackened thrashing metal that will get any fan of Aura Noir and Nocturnal Breed circling it up.


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Condor starts off the split with two tracks of frenetic and furious blackened thrashing. Imagine the speed and ferocity of early Aura Noir, complete with a ton of the melodic trailing hooks. “Chained Victims” pulses between the fast paces, bordering on blasting, yet there’s a sense of melody worked within the punchy thrashing. “When Death Comes” continues the same type of furious blackened thrashing, yet with the speed and intensity cranked up to eleven. The melodic accoutrements and fist-pumping crescendos are lacking, but hell, it’s a 50-second track, so you can feel pretty confident that melody was furthest thing from Condor’s minds. It’s clear that Slayer, Aura Noir and Darkthrone are prime influences here, as Condor’s vicious, fist-pumping blackened thrash certainly gives nods to the old school in all the right places.





While Töxik Death brings another dose of blackened thrashing, their duo of tracks is less blackened, yet it’s still a raging dose of ugly thrash metal. Fast-paced and violent, Töxik Death sounds like a step back in time; back to when Razor and Exciter were dominating the scene with their heavier than thou brand of speeding thrash metal. While riffs retain that sleazy and raw speeding that Razor was famous for, the drum performance really merits a special mention for the intense raging performance that teeters between fueled punk rhythms and roughshod thrash beats. The vocals combine scratchy rasps with a shout akin to something from the late ’80s crust scene; which is just another touch to show the band’s commitment to that speeding thrash sound of yore.





Both Töxik Death and Condor take their versions of blackened thrashing in different directions, yet this manages to remain a cohesive split. Perhaps the raw and ferocious aesthetics that both bands ascribe to keep things in line, but it’s irrelevant as to why. Although Victims of Burning Death features two young thrash bands, the sound these Norwegians conjure is old school, pure and simple. Fans of blackened thrashing with a touch of retroism should dig in as soon as possible. Norway’s not all about second wave black metal; Töxik Death and Condor bring four reasons why. Thrash and destroy.

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