Conquer - A Worms Demise - (6.5/10)

Published on January 7, 2015


  1. A Worm’s Demise
  2. Hell’s First Born
  3. God Is The Destroyer





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Conquer are from Canada and A Worms Demise [sic] is their new EP. That’s all of the information we have about the band, despite an official site and a Facebook page. Presumably that page will be populated as time passes, so for now we have to content ourselves with the EP.


What the Facebook page does give us is a list of bands that the Conquer chaps like, the first of which is Polish metal titans Behemoth. This couldn’t be more appropriate, as Behemoth’s more recent, punishing death metal sound is the most obvious reference point, especially evident in the opening track. Said track is also the least impressive on this EP. While it does a reasonable job of Behemoth worship and has some decent guitar work, it’s a bit death-metal-by-numbers, a bit stop-start and Conquer can do better, as they show on the following tracks.


Other influences on display are Incantation and perhaps just a soupçon of early Vital Remains. These come through better on “Hell’s First Born”, which has some really nice riffs and guitar leads that help to make it a worthy death metal song.





The guitar in third and final song “God Is The Destroyer” occasionally recalls Immolation. The track also features ‘clean’ yelled/snarled vocals to add a bit of variety. It isn’t bad, thought gets a little monotonous at times and lacks a guitar solo until the end. It’s a good solo, but ends suddenly and could have done with being earlier in the track.


The downfall of an invertebrate seems like a strange dedication for a death metal EP, but Conquer have produced some pretty good songs and best of all, the EP can be obtained free of charge from Bandcamp:


Positive signs that a death metal beast may be gathering force in Ontario.


James Bushnell

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