Countless Skies - Countless Skies - (7.5/10)

Published on February 18, 2015


  1. Ethereal
  2. Penance
  3. Everlast
  4. Reverence


Melodic Death / Doom



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United Kingdom




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Countless Skies


In the past few years the UK scene has managed to regroup and emerge from the trend-ridden quagmire the once so proud nation had become for a while. Young band keep popping up in pretty much all styles, but melodic death metal has not really been a forte of the island kingdom for a long time (if ever). Now a quartet from Hertfordshire (just north of London) is setting out to change that, with their eponymous Countless Skies EP.


Countless Skies band


Now one should not expect a new At the Dark Flames clone (i.e. the Gothenburg school), but instead Countless Skies takes melodic death as a foundation and then branches out into doom/death, into clear vocals and into calm sections. Opener “Ethereal” packs all of this into a beautiful flow, where the clear vocals have place to shine and the doom passages in particular allow the band to explore some very nice and well executed dynamics. And this atmosphere is threading through other songs as well, be it the overall faster and heavier “Everlast” and the excellent closer “Reverence” that once more embraces the doom spirit as well. Here and there a certain Insomnium influence could be detected, but without trying to emulate the Finnish masters of atmospheric death metal.



The production still has a few flaws and some songs still have some work ahead of them as well, but Countless Skies undoubtedly is a very interesting and promising first step for a young band that has the world open in front of them and the combination they have going could be a winning one, if they can continue with it. The outstanding cover artwork already is premier league material! Keep an eye on these lads, they might be gunning for the (countless) skies soon!

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