Crypt Sermon - Out of the Garden - (8/10)

Published on February 9, 2015


  1. Temple Doors
  2. Heavy Riders
  3. Byzantium
  4. The Will of the Ancient Call
  5. Enter the Holy of Holies
  6. The Master's Bouquet
  7. Out of the Garden


Epic Doom


Dark Descent Records

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Crypt Sermon


Epic doom metal is its very own niche and there is a handful of bands out there that really left their mark on the scene. Black Sabbath, Candlemass, Solitude Aeturnus, Memory Garden, to name but a very few, and Philadelphia-based Crypt Sermon are offering their debut album Out of the Garden via Dark Descent Records and they continue this tradition and seek to fill the void that Solitude Aeturnus had left many years ago.


Crypt Sermon band


Taking inspiration from Dio-era Sabbath and Candlemass mostly, Out of the Garden has all the prerequisites to be added to the sub-genre’s fans’ list of future Olympus candidates and equipped with a beautiful cover painted by vocalist Brooks Wilson, it also stands in the tradition of the grand albums of Candlemass. While mostly staying within the tried and tested epic doom metal paradigm, Crypt Sermon’s strength lies in what they do within the borders and they definitely know how to craft gripping, well flowing songs that keep a keen sense of dynamics within their mostly slow approach. Coupled with the clear, yet a little gritty vocals of Wilson this results in a very early highlight of the doom metal genre that will turn quite a few heads.


The centrepiece of the album is the aptly titled “Enter the Holy of Holies”, powerful after a calm start, it knows when to rise to mid-tempo and when to deliver the whole hammer of doom, with Wilson’s vocals reminding a bit of Solitude Aeturnus’ Rob Lowe here and there. And “Byzantium” is not far behind with its light oriental vibe in the lead guitars and great atmosphere. “The Master’s Bouquet” has a stronger Candlemass influence coming to the fore, whereas the opening “Temple Doors” shows a few parallels to Ronnie James Dio in the vocal department and subsequently the music as well, but everything without ever relegating Crypt Sermon to a mere collection of their influences.



Doom metal has always been a genre of its very own, with a very fervent following and Crypt Sermon will definitely cater to this following. Out of the Garden is more than just a promise for future deeds, it already is a statement at this early stage of their career and epic doomheads will find a cornucopia of atmosphere to sink their ears into!

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