Cvinger - The Enthronement ov Diabolical Souls - (8/10)

Published on January 8, 2015


  1. Chapter I: Charon's Passage to the World Beyond
  2. Anno Inferni
  3. Summoning
  4. Eikmus Manifestation
  5. Bogs of the Ancient Ones
  6. Reclaim the Crown
  7. Chapter II: Pass the Seventh Gate
  8. Anguish in Ossuary
  9. Vile Flesh
  10. The Enthronement ov Diabolical Souls
  11. Chapter III: Amen II





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Cvinger is a Slovenian black metal group that formed in 2012. The band dropped both their debut demo, Abyss of Horns, and their first EP, Monastery of Fallen, in 2013. They went through some line up changes in the early part of 2014 before recording their debut full length album, The Enthronement ov Diabolical Souls, which was released independently in December of 2014. The addition of a fresh rhythm section, Morgoth on drums and Obscurum on bass, shows a band surging forth, hungry to leave their mark.


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The band’s debut EP was a rather by-the-numbers affair of second wave worship with some atmospheric touches thrown around, so The Enthronement ov Diabolical Souls really comes in as a surprise. Cvinger ditched the raw, grainy sound of the EP for a thicker, more professional production job; one that actually highlights their strengths, rather than playing to their weakness. Despite the increased intensity, not a lot has changed with the band’s sound since their last outing; second wave influenced black metal with a dark and misanthropic feel, which is stark contrast to the tired and aged feel of Monastery of Fallen. Raging trem riffing, blasting drums and deep, vitriolic snarls make up a majority of the album, sounding similar to modern day Marduk or Ragnarok.



The Enthronement ov Diabolical Souls still brings a few atmospheric breaks, in the form of three short tracks featuring nothing but chanting, but they keep it short and poignant rather than dwelling for too long. The remainder of the album shows off the bands penchant for blasting black metal. Cvinger’s assault is far more assertive this time around, with practically non-stop blasts and double bass runs and twisting, malformed trem runs with short melodic following licks. Once the last echoes of the intro fade, “Anno Inferni”fires away and it’s pretty much cruise control for the remainder of the album. Only a few portions seem truly forces, like the chorus of “Eikmus Manifestation”, as the blasts and fast paced trem riffs don’t mesh up as well as they could.


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Cvinger’s debut is on whole different level than their earlier work. The band was finally able to marry the dark and abrasive atmosphere with the blasting, misanthropic music. The Enthronement ov Diabolical Souls should find a welcome home among the works of 1349, Marduk and Tsjuder. While the music still lives and breathes the second wave, Cvinger’s music no longer feels like paint-by-numbers black metal. Intense, blasting and dark; this Slovenian four piece has finally found their sound.

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