Dethonator - Dethonator - (9/10)

Published on March 29, 2017


  1. Wreckers
  2. Harbinger
  3. I Am Thunder God
  4. Many Have Fallen
  5. Shadows
  6. Dethonator
  7. Morbid Skies
  8. Massive Demonic Killing Spree
  9. In The Place Of The Skull


Heavy Metal / Power


Killer Metal Records

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United Kingdom




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England, home to some of the most influential traditional metal bands, for a long time the blight of exactly said style when it came to young bands holding the banner high, is teeming with young, exciting talent again and London’s Dethonator are doubtlessly in the forefront of this movement. Dethonator is a re-recording of their 2010 debut, with a new singer, and it makes one wonder, why it had not picked up more steam the first time around, because what these young quartet unleashes here is nothing short of amazing!


Standing at the crossroads between traditional heavy metal, power metal and some thrash influences, they display an uncanny hand for dynamics, melodic sensitivity, heaviness and a great flow, all channelled into nine (well eight) great tracks that should stroke a whole army of chords with most fans of the traditional end of metal. Singer Tris Lineker, who took over the mic in 2012, has a very melodic voice that works excellently to combine with the power of the songs, like in uptempo (and borderline frenetic) “Wreckers” to kick things off.


Dethonator band


And that’s just the tip of the iceberg here, because what these youngsters throw at the hungry fans here is some of the finest heavy/power metal the Kingdom has produced in a long time! The immensely catchy chorus of “Harbinger” that kicks off the song without any warning, “Many Have Fallen”’s melodic sensitivity, powerhouse “Dethonator”, they all showcase the quartet’s songwriting prowess, with any of the not mentioned songs keeping the album’s very high standard effortlessly, with the only exception of “Massive Demonic Killing Spree”, which is the only track that does not manage to gel.


That being said, despite the songs up to that point already marking Dethonator as potential future powerhouse in the British scene, they saved the best for last: “In the Place of the Skull”. This nine-minute epos can run with the best of them, starting out calm and then rapidly rising into this beautifully dynamic and epic piece that does not have to hide behind the long songs of Iron Maiden, setting a big exclamation mark at the end of the album.



It is rare for an independent band to re-record an album with a new vocalist, but in the case of Dethonator it has absolutely been worth it, really highlighting what this band is capable of. Standing at the crossroads of heavy and power metal, with just a few thrashy influences, Dethonator’s debut firmly plants them on the map for the metal world to take notice. Granted, they have released two albums after this one technically, but still this is one heck of a debut album that deserves a LOT of attention and kudos to Killer Metal Records to picking up this band!

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