Diablerie - Transition 2.0 - (6/10)

Published on March 5, 2014


  1. Intro - Stroke at the Heart of Industrial Revolution
  2. Inflagrant Delict
  3. Run
  4. The Vent
  5. White Collar Privilege




Primitive Reaction

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Originally released back in 2012 and presented here in ‘rebooted’ form, Diablerie’s Transition 2.0 is a decent – if somewhat unspectacular – slice of industrial metal. Not being familiar with the original versions of these songs, I cannot really speculate on the extent to which they’ve been rearranged or subjected to studio trickery but I can say that I was at no point blown away by what I heard.



Featuring current and former members of Impaled Nazarene, Shape of Despair and Ikuinen Kaamos, these guys are in no way newcomers to the scene – in fact, this band has been around in one shape or another since 1997 – but the diverse backgrounds of the members unfortunately didn’t translate into the most tantalizing music. The chief problem here is that this ostensibly comes off as a Fear Factory tribute band. The mechanical drumming, heavy use of modular synths/samples and the occasional Burton C. Bell-like clean vocal crooning simply reek of Demanufacture, Obsolete and Mechanize. These elements combine to give a track like “Run” that typical cyber metal edge while a track like “Inflagrant Delict” seems to flirt ever so subtly with a few Rammstein-isms (recalling something like “Feuer Frei!” during the opening notes).



It’s not bad per se, and the aforementioned clean vocals impressed me more than a little, but the lack of identity ultimately precludes this from being an essential listen. Perhaps if they had given a few songs a harder EBM edge (a la Combichrist) or drenched the whole thing with massive layers of cold and hostile noise (a la The Amenta circa n0n) this EP would have had a bit more bite to it. As it stands now, though, Transition 2.0 is merely average.

Neil Pretorius

Author: Neil Pretorius

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