Diablery - Architect - (9/10)

Published on July 30, 2014


  1. Mysteria Aeterna
  2. Architect of Manifestations
  3. Embraced by the Thuergist
  4. Vanity of Darkness
  5. Magistris Inferiores
  6. Thus Made Perfect
  7. Seal Thy Mouths with Pillars of Azurite
  8. Ichor Shrine Synagogue
  9. Blackness Enshrouds this Congregation
  10. Horn of Amentet (Outro)


Symphonic Black / Melodic Black



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Black metal bears few surprises these days, the least of which is an interpretive style that echoes the dime-a-dozen Dimmu Borgir droves that have spawned over the last two decades. But with a fresh coat of paint, even the most imitative approaches can seem unsullied and exciting, especially when the band’s entire career is saluted in a single album. With its foundation laid out to almost barefaced effect Diablery’s debut album, Architect, covers lots of ground and shows all the pretenders to the throne how to do it right.


The modern polish of Architect is truly what gives its rusty surface relevance as much of the material has a thrash oriented and riff-heavy exterior that borrows several pages from Puritanical Euphoric Misanthropia. It is a two-toned album, too, rich in riffs and emotion, swaying from anger to joy with an ease of transition that would make Galder crack a smile, which is fitting since many of his signature sinister overtones are mimicked superbly, not to mention his style of palm-muted meaty riffs that don’t quite dictate speed but a pace that is ominous with its mid-tempo stride.


On the other hand, then, it is in equal measure that the album’s bright side is weighed, as each approach isn’t so much an identity unto itself as a complement to the other, not too dissimilar from Skyfire’s earlier work, particularly Timeless Departure, or Mystic Circle’s Infernal Satanic Verses, which imbues the whole piece with a weightless and wispy quality.


The first track, “Architects of Manifestations,” is the perfect conduit through which all these stylistic leanings bear fruit, while “Thus Made Perfect” hones its razor-sharp anger with post-In the Nightside Eclipse style riffing and a completely random cello interlude. Such drastic tempo changes are expertly handled, and frequently accompanied by layers of emotional qualities that are embodied in and range from pissed-off raging bursts (complete with dual rhythms) to spacious melodic romps.


Such a richly textured presentation, both musically and affectingly, is at the heart of Architect, and it is a textbook example of how disparate elements are brought together by their similarities. Diablery has probably written something of a modern classic in Architect, and hopefully attracted the attention of a label because talent like this shouldn’t be left scraping the bottom of the independent barrel.  



Hans Rot

Author: Hans Rot

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