Disloyal - Godless - (6/10)

Published on August 11, 2015


  1. Abruption
  2. Give Place Unto Wrath (Vengeance Is Mine; I Will Repay)
  3. New Enemy Rising
  4. Dybbuk
  5. Self-Carving Titan
  6. Mechanism Of Deceit
  7. Mors Imperator Mundi
  8. Corporate Beasts
  9. On The Ashes Of The World
  10. The Chastener




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Polish death metal outfit Disloyal formed in 1997 and Godless is their fourth album, a full seven years after its predecessor, Prophecy. The band’s sound is highly reminiscent of Immolation, with elements of Morbid Angel and Vital Remains, plus a hint of technical death metal acts such as Origin. Krzysztof Bendarowicz’s vocals again evoke Immolation, being very similar to Ross Dolan’s malevolent snarls.




Disloyal show their experience, with a very professional, polished sound. This is aggressive, energetic death metal with very little room for melody. They certainly know their genre and how to play, but Godless lacks something in the songwriting department.


After the almost obligatory pointless intro track, the comprehensively-titled “Give Place Unto Wrath (Vengeance Is Mine; I Will Repay)” gives us driving death metal with some nice, Immolation-like guitar leads, but it’s unspectacular and forgettable. “New Enemy Rising” offers some variety, with slowed-down sections that recall Cadaver’s mighty …In Pains, but again sits in the ‘run of the mill’ pile.


“Self-Carving Titan” is by some distance the finest demonstration of Disloyal’s powers, with atmosphere provided by occasional backing keys, faint vocoder-effect growls and leads that bring Immolation and Morbid Angel to mind. This is the band at their most creative and impressive, but sadly it isn’t sustained.





The rest of the album is competent, but lacks memorable tunes that beckon many return visits. The final two tracks are slightly more interesting than most, with wild, technical death metal-type guitar leads and droning male choir backing vocals providing pleasant variation in “On The Ashes Of The World”. “The Chastener” is the clearest example of Immolation worship of all and if you didn’t know, you may well think it was Dolan and co themselves.


Disloyal bring together elements of a number of classic nineties death metal bands, producing a really accomplished sound that will unquestionably get heads banging. However, the songs on Godless rarely score higher than average marks. With better, more memorable tunes, these Poles may have a great death metal record in them yet.



James Bushnell

Author: James Bushnell

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