Dysangelium - Leviaxxis - (8/10)

Published on July 17, 2014


  1. 'Til Only Thy Light is Left
  2. Obelisk of the Sevencrowned Sun
  3. Chaomega




World Terror Committee

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Based in northern Germany, Dysangelium is a relatively young black metal outfit that has released two demos, at the time of this writing. The band was recently snatched up by World Terror Committee, who has plans to released the band’s debut full length at a later date. According the label, they wanted to give a little preview of what the band was all about, since their only prior release, Exordium, was a three song rehearsal tape that was limited to one hundred copies. Thus was born Leviaxxis, Dysangelium’s second demo and first release for W.T.C. (released on tape and CD).


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Leviaxxis features three songs steeped in the swirling dissonance and chaotic melody of the later German black metal scene, such as Ascension and Kvlt of Hiob, which no doubt leans towards the Swedish side of the black metal scale. Surely comparisons to Casus Luciferi era Watain could be made, but Dysangelium’s music is solid enough to stand on its own. With a healthy mix of blasting drums and chaotic trem riffing juxtaposed against melodic minor key picking and gruff shouts, Leviaxxis is a solid effort and certainly has my ears turned in anticipation of their debut full length.



Each track breathes darkness, thanks to the forceful yet murky production. Despite this being a demo, the music is still in your face, with everything having a good place in the mix, but there’s this dirty and dusty sound given to everything. While the rhythm section is solid, full of blasting drums and thundering bass lines, the most impressive aspect here is the swirling dissonance presented on the riffing. Sections of thundering palm muting and power chords build into winding trem passages which fade into melancholic minor key picking. Perhaps the rapacity of the guitars can be attributed to the rather mature songwriting, as each song winds throughout various tempos.


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While Leviaxxis has its sound rooted within the realms of German and Swedish black metal, their dusty and murky approach echoes something a bit more mysterious. After listening to this demo I will keeping my eye on this band. Dysangelium has the songwriting skills and talent to make waves so hopefully they can continue in this vein. Fans of Watain and Blaze of Perdition should find themselves getting comfortable in no time.

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