Ectovoid - Inner Death - (8/10)

Published on January 2, 2019


  1. Internal Inversion
  2. Archaic Memories Unearthed
  3. Isolation in Mind Continuum




Blood Harvest

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Some four years since their last full-length record in Dark Abstraction, Birmingham, Alabama gulf-seekers Ectovoid are back with a three-track EP in Inner Death, a brief and raucous offering that hears the trio continuing to plumb the dingy and darkened mazes of death metal carved out by pioneers like Incantation, Immolation, Autopsy, and Cianide. Like their forebearers, Ectovoid conjure an atmosphere that’s unhinged, subterranean, and foul, with the band’s influences of doom and black metal spinning forth an unrelenting salvo of kamikaze leads and battering drums. The result bears a ‘live’ sound, abrasive to the point of raw but uniformly heavy thanks to a robust, granite-sharp production that keeps things from getting too ‘cavernous.’



“Internal Inversion” charges out of the gates and hears Ectovoid at their most rabid. The prominent low-end heard on Dark Abstraction seems to have been better layered to maximize a fuller, more cohesive sound—similar to their input on the 4 Doors to Death split—with the slick recording job of Alex Parra (fellow guitarist of Charlie Southern in Atlanta thrash force Sadistic Ritual) resulting in a grinding, churning experience that throws you headfirst into the maelstrom. An overall fast-paced affair, the final two tracks, “Archaic Memories Unearthed” and “Isolation in Mind Continuum” offer the majority of Inner Death’s more tamed, mid-tempo moments, with the more exaggerated death-doom effect found on previous works never truly revealing itself.


The furious pace of this three-track blitzkrieg ensures that Ectovoid were on a mission to create their most incensed and jagged piece of nightmare-fodder yet, with Chuck Bryant’s vocal assault adding a central intensity to the explosively whorling soundscape, one which feels distinctly hellish and otherworldly. A killshot of an EP that wastes no time digging in its nails and dragging you downward. Ideal for fans of Ritual Necromancy, Stygian Obsession, and the like.


Evan Mugford

Author: Evan Mugford

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