Edén - El Despertar de los Sueños - (7.5/10)

Published on April 19, 2019


  1. Vuelve
  2. Destierro del Tiempo
  3. Perdido Estoy
  4. Sangre de Metal
  5. No Puedo Sentir
  6. Traición
  7. Desde el Aire
  8. Corazón
  9. Errores del Ayer
  10. Ángel negro 2.0





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In both the Old and New Worlds, Spanish power metal has been on a fucking roll lately and Eden’s new record, El Despertar de los Suenos (sorry, no squiglies here!), is no exception. The band originally formed in 2000 but, after their fourth record, they went on hiatus. However, reforming in 2016 to develop El Despertar de los Suenos, they’ve returned with an entirely fresh lineup (with the exception of the only remaining original member, Javier Diaz) and a more refined sound.


All of the musicians are pretty damn solid but the high point of the album is easily the rhythm section (which is half the band, so it’s not as much a “high point” as it is a “better half”). Underneath the deliberate, echoing melodies of Gaspar Brana’s sharp voice, the rhythm section creates many diverse grooves. From the beefy lines in the verses of ‘Vuelve’ to ‘Errores del Ayer”s mid-paced banging, the methodical companionship between the rhythm guitar, drums, and bass are very impressive.


There’s nothing exceptional about this record but it makes for a great listen regardless. The mix of heavy, classically-inspired guitar parts and nostalgic melodies in the songs is pretty unique. Unfortunately, the album tends not to vary from this mixture very often. As a result, it suffers in the variety department. There is a bit variance between songs, but the underlying tones and aforementioned qualities become really repetitive. Obvious exceptions are ‘Destierro en el Tiempo’ (which is similar to Stratovarius’ brand of power metal) and the heaviest track on the album, ‘Errores del Ayer’.


While El Despertar de los Suenos isn’t likely to be a contender in April’s top albums, it’s definitely a solid work. The new lineup seems to be exactly what the band needed for a strong revival and, (if a bit more care is paid to the songwriting) Eden has the potential to make a killer album. (Also, bonus points for the naked chick on the album cover.)


Originally written for PowerThorn.com


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