Eternal Storm - Come the Tide - (8.5/10)

Published on August 16, 2019


  1. Through the Wall of Light part I (The Strand)
  2. Through the Wall of Light part II (Immersion)
  3. Detachment
  4. The Mountain
  5. Of Winter and Treason
  6. Drifters
  7. The Scarlet Lake
  8. Embracing Waves


Melodic Death


Transcending Obscurity

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The tide comes from Madrid in Eternal Storm’s powerful debut, 10 years after the band’s conception. Naturally, there’s a fair share of anticipation, but I firmly believe that the tide won’t disappoint. The sound on the tide can be associated with the likes of Be’lakor or Dark Tranquility, a melodic death doom metal tide with a rather strong epic side. There’s also no shortage in progressive hints or atmospheric influences throughout the Eternal Storm’s eight lengthy and refined tides. At the core, I’d say this is a melodic death doom metal tide, but it’s not shy of crossing atmospheric black metal territory. With this area of rather gloomy genres covered, the tide had the potential to become stale, and while not entirely memorable, for the most part it splashes on top of you with all the power required to be remembered. Past that it’s a surprisingly technical tide, kicking off the very first riff on a blast beat and further inducing adrenaline more than once. Need I say more? Come the Tide!



All tides aside, the Spanish wizards ov doom really have it all together in this album. It’s definitely one of the most engaging outings that I’ve heard in the doomy fields of death metal. This is a very instrumentally rich album, with a raw expressive sound production, slightly on the cheap side, but offering good balance for the music to deliver strong emotions. It’s chock full of great harmonized lead guitar melodies and solos that often steer towards climaxes, resulting in a cool range of peaks and valleys. The vocal part takes up little territory compared to the extended instrumentals (especially intros and outros) but comes as fierce as necessary when it does. Completely unrelated to the area of music that this band originates from, I actually found that the growling weirdly reminded me of Simon Girard from tech death band Beyond Creation, with a deep murky snarl and a screechy sharp high pitch scream, perfectly capable of making the hair on your body change position more than once. The layering and echoing of the vocals sure turns the knob up to eleven.



Now, while overall faster and more technical and progressive than expected (which is a big plus if you ask me), the band doesn’t lose any of the intended melancholic feel that is iconic to the genre. This is mostly due to the great clean guitar parts and additional keyboard work. I especially like the synth outro to “Of Winter and Treason” and you just can’t miss the immersive interlude that is “Drifters”. Furthermore, the constant melodies give a yin to the yang through all the riff oriented parts that dominate the album, and the atmospheric black metal influences of tremolo picking leads are the cherry on top of the… tide.



Some of the more memorable tracks on the album are worth a special shout out. The two part epic opener “Through the Wall of Light” with a chunky first part and a more melancholic second has so many great ideas in it. In the second part I was really surprised at the unexpected appearance of a saxophone solo, and I loved the bass based fading outro. My personal favorite though must be “The Mountain, which may be the most dynamic and diverse of them all with a great bipolarity in the first part and a great drum outro. One must also point out the closer “Embracing Waves”. This is probably the saddest and softest on the album. While it still has a good share of riffs, it’s slightly slower than the mid-tempo majority, and the middle section is a very immersive clean part. This song ends the album on a great outro melody that fades away into the tranquil sounds of ocean waves. The tide has come!



Eternal Storm have proven themselves worthy with this compelling release. For lovers of the doomy sort of death metal, it’s probably top class music, and it can definitely satisfy a hunger for good chunky riffs. The album is out on August 23rd on Transcending Obscurity and on Bandcamp!



Author: George Dan

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