Feridea - Into a Dawn - (8.5/10)

Published on August 5, 2015


  1. Into a Dawn
  2. Blaze of a Star
  3. On the Rays of the Sun
  4. Song of a Longing Heart


Symphonic Power



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The wealth of Finnish metal bands never ceases to amaze, especially when looking at the sheer amount of new bands pushing the established acts almost constantly. The country has spawned countless bands in almost any kind of style and in the case of symphonic power metal with female vocals one doesn’t have to look far until hitting one of the genre’s biggest trendsetters with Nightwish. Hailing from Oulu in the north of the country (also the home of such illustrious bands like Sentenced, Impaled Nazarene, Kalmah, Catamenia, Burning Point or Belial), Feridea are a pretty new band that is trying to add to the richness with their second EP Into a Dawn.


Feridea band


The stylistical elements are not unlike the bigger bands of the genre, symphonic keyboards, bombastic atmosphere, double-bass, soprano, but especially in a relatively tightly set frame of what is generally expected, the quality of the actual songwriting gains importance and in this department Feridea are definitely standing on the winning side. Led into the fray by singer Katra Solopuro (also known from Katra), Feridea lead the listener on a dynamic ride through the genre, which doesn’t really have any true surprises in store, but are played with conviction and tightness that any potential accusations of them just being yet another clone are being swept away right from the get go.


The title track is a great way to kick off an EP (or album), uniting all of these elements with a sense of urgency, cohesion, dynamics, great melodies, just enough bombast to make it work and never do things get flashy. When listening to songs such as “Blaze of a Star” or “On the Rays of the Sun”, it is almost impossible not to draw some comparisons to Nightwish, especially since Katra’s vocal range also is similar to the one of Tarja, while usually a little lower in the register.



That being said, Into a Dawn is a great first effort with Katra on vocals and shows Feridea’s potential to quickly close the gap to the more established acts and standing shoulder to shoulder with them. Despite only having been together for a mere three years, the four songs here show plenty of maturity already and a debut album might very well already bring some sort of a breakthrough for them, one thing is highly likely already, though, that Into a Dawn gets the quintet a deserved record deal!

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