Five Finger Death Punch - Got Your Six - (4/10)

Published on September 4, 2015


  1. Got Your Six
  2. Jekyll and Hyde
  3. Wash It All Away
  4. Ain't My Last Dance
  5. My Nemesis
  6. No Sudden Movement
  7. Question Everything
  8. Hell to Pay
  9. Digging My Own Grave
  10. Meet My Maker
  11. Boots and Blood


Groove / Hard Rock / Heavy Metal


Prospect Park Records

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Sixth times a charm.


For the entirety of their career I have covered Five Finger Death Punch for The Metal Observer and in the last eight years, I’ve found my initial excitement for the groove laden riff monster wane with each album. Five Finger Death Punch is a remarkably efficient band since their debut, as they release an album every two years like clockwork and even going as far as releasing a double album (split in two) in 2013. Yet here I am, once again, counting spins on their sixth album, the aptly titled Got Your Six, and trying to figure out just where the excitement I had for their blend of fist pumping rhythms and big stadium choruses went. It’s definitely not here anymore.


Five Finger Death Punch Logo

As far as fans are concerned, I’m going to say the same thing I’ve said since the third album American Capitalist. I’m going to tell you that Five Finger Death Punch hasn’t changed. Along with their efficiency in writing and recording new records, this desert dwelling band is remarkably consistent in sound. If you simply crave the down tuned riffs, popping drums, and dueling vocals of growling verses and clean choruses then that’s exactly what you’re going to find on Got Your Six. They’ve got the anthem like live song in the title track, the obvious upcoming-single-pseudo-power-ballad “Question Everything,” and the slightly hardcore influenced “Ain’t My Last Dance” – which features a solid little bridge section that sees the band at some of their heaviest. The Five Finger Formula Punch is here in full.


It’s unfortunate that this consistency of sound, which makes them wholly consumable in their hard rock writing style but with a tough guy heavy side of riffs and growling vocals, is easily their biggest detriment for Got Your Six. We’ve had six albums of essentially the same material and quite frankly, it’s become something of a bore. Sure, there are a few fun songs to be had with the chunky riffs, but it’s nothing we haven’t heard before – and better at this point. It doesn’t help that Ivan Moody’s jock inspired, tough guy with a sensitive streak lyrics wind up with some hilariously over the top content that any self-respecting metal head is going to roll their eyes at. We don’t want to sound like a meat head singing along to “Boots and Blood,” no matter how patriotic you think that song is.



Got Your Six is just one more step in the same un-eventful path for Five Finger Death Punch. It’s the same motions, the same formula, the same production, and the same sound that they’ve been peddling for the last ten years. This time they somehow decided to lead off with one of the worst singles they have ever produced in “Jekyll and Hyde.” Bland consistency is great for fans that will eagerly devour what you have to offer with little regard to artistry and quality of flavor. This is why McDonald’s sells so many cheeseburgers a year and this is why Five Finger Death Punch will probably sell so many of these albums this year too. And in two years from now. And two years after that.


If you want more of the same Five Finger Death Punch, by all means pick up Got Your Six. However, this old fan is going to look for something a bit more fresh and crafted. I already own this album, six times over, so it’s time for something more.

Matt Reifschneider

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