FoxTale - В Светлый край - (8/10)

Published on July 27, 2016


  1. Пробуждение
  2. Ярость Тора
  3. Голодный тролль
  4. В Светлый край





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Russian folk metal has brought forth yet another promising newcomer with Moscovite FoxTale. Information about the band is scarce, even in the Cyrillic circles, but everything points at В Светлый край being the band’s debut EP and with everything on here, they would be a candidate for Sound Age Productions…


After the moody intro “Пробуждение”, “Ярость Тора” is the EP’s highlight right from the get go. With the keyboards doubling up the guitars, the Russians create a good atmosphere and also energy, while the guitar leads and, of course, the Russian lyrics firmly plant FoxTale in the Slavic folk metal community. And the vocals deserve special mention, since they are clear and powerful, but with just enough attitude to give an edge to the song. While not necessarily original in character, the fact that they don’t actually use folk instruments, as odd as it sounds, seems refreshing in a very densely populated scene.


“Голодный тролль” is more all out folk metal, jaunty rhythm, more simplistic, some violin, with lots of energy, a nice way to get the party going, and the closing title track is an acoustic folk piece that again shows a different side of the band.



15 minutes, including an intro, are not necessarily a huge piece of audio meat to sink the ears into, but FoxTale show plenty of promise with В Светлый край, which should satisfy folk metal fans all around, now Sound Age just have to do their part.

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