Frozen - The Unborn EP - (6.5/10)

Published on October 29, 2007


  1. Endless Circles Of Blood
  2. The Unborn
  3. Fallen Through The Spheres
  4. My Soul Was Reaped (Enchanted Part II)


Melodic Black / Death



Playing Time:







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Frozen is a group of satanists playing black/death metal with melodic touches, backed by snarled lyrics about coldness, sacrifices, and the reaper. Does any of this sound familiar to you? Spain’s Frozen is Dissection worship to the core, but they do it the right way.


So, disregarding the obvious similarities to the aforementioned Swedes, how does The Unborn stand on its own? The answer is simple: Pretty damn well. Every song is above par, and even though it’s no Storm Of The Light’s Bane, it still manages to kick some serious amounts of ass. The guitars have the ferocity of a raging blizzard, but is still melodic enough to remain interesting throughout the almost 25 minutes of playtime. Unfortunately the drum-machine is too dominating, and the constant blastbeats detract from the otherwise quite dynamic sound. At times, when the screams of vocalist Carnage intensify, the mechanical sticksman works out ok, but the mood is ruined as soon as it goes berserk again and drowns the next awesome riff in a flurry of noise. The somewhat shoddy production doesn’t help either, and the bass is nowhere to be found, resulting in a somewhat flat sound.




Despite of these flaws, Frozen have managed to create some very cold and hateful black metal. It’s hard to pick a favorite among the four tracks featured on the EP, but the title-track especially stands out from the crowd. Sporting a eargasm-inducing bridge that culminates into a very nice solo, and with the drum-machine playing less obtrusively than the previous track, it could just as well have been penned by Nödtveidt, and in fact parts of it sounds like a re-invention of “Where Dead Angels Lie”. No, it’s not ground-breaking or original, but it still captures the chilly essence that was so fantastic about Dissection’s old releases.


Considering the skull-splitting solos and epic guitar build-ups featured on The Unborn, there is no denying that Frozen are no amateurs at making black metal. If they develop some more unique touches and get a drummer that doesn’t run on batteries, they could be banging heads amongst the best. For now, they’ll have to settle with being the best Swedish band to ever come out of Spain, talented but still unsigned at the fathomless depths. 

Ailo Ravna

Author: Ailo Ravna

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