Gadget - The Great Destroyer - (9/10)

Published on March 6, 2016


  1. Enemies of Reason
  2. Känslan (Post Patch Anxiety)
  3. Pillars of Filth
  4. Choice of a Lost Generation
  5. From Graduation to Devastation
  6. Dedication
  7. Violent Hours (For a Veiled Awakening)
  8. The 02666 Heritage
  9. The Great Destroyer
  10. Down and Out
  11. In the Name of Suffering
  12. Lost on a Straight Path
  13. Forsaken
  14. Collapse
  15. The Lack of Humanity
  16. Svart hå
  17. I Don't Need You / Dead and Gone




Relapse Records

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“A sewn shut embrace can never let go” 


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A ten year absence can be a major detriment to a band. The times change, and a fan base or members may move on to other things after not being to wait any longer for new material. However, as some acts have proven, there will always be a built in audience. Guns N Roses proved it when they finally released Chinese Democracy (even being longer than a ten year time frame), and Tool fans are still anxiously awaiting a new album. Such is the issue with Swedish grind act Gadget. Having only released two prior albums, their last release was 2006’s The Funeral March, which was an excellent slab of grind. Finally though, 2016 sees the anticipated release of the group’s third album, The Great Destroyer via Relapse Records. No matter how long the band has taken in between releases, this new onslaught still manages to put Gadget as one of the top grind bands going today. 


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The Great Destroyer is no slouch and wastes no time kicking in the doors, with Gadget announcing their return with incredible intensity. The album, in true genre fashion, is mostly fast and to the point. Songs tending to range in the one or two minute range, with plenty of break neck riffs and impeccable drumming that creates as much chaos as it does a well formed release of aggression. Vocally, plenty of screams abound, with just the right amount of piss and vinegar in their approach that they never fail to grab your attention and make you just as pissed off as the band. However, there are still some slower moments, with the biggest example possibly being the final track, “I Don’t Need You-Dead And Gone”, clocking in at over five minutes. It is not the only song to feature some slower, doom style playing, but it certainly shows the band taking their sound in an overall different approach compared to prior albums, and the overall general idea of what Gadget has been. Never-The-Less, the slower moments on The Great Destroyer are quite well done, and really do add a lot to the band. 



As one would expect, the album flies by in no time, being a little over 26 minutes over the course of these 17 tracks, but each track is able to stand on its own as well. Whether it be 38 seconds or two and a half minutes, the tracks all feature their own defining trait to make them really stick out and punish the listener each and every time. No matter how many spins the album gets, it remains feeling fresh and it carries such an impact and impressive weight behind the song writing. The production is pretty clear as well, managing to capture the hostility in the music but perhaps looses a bit on the bass in the faster sections of the album, which sadly is most of the record. Beyond a little qualm here and there though, there is a wonderful collection of tracks within the return from a great band.


Gadget Live


Gadget has always been a shining example of grind. When a band like Nasum had to sadly end its run, Gadget could have been one of the acts to continue carrying that torch. However, the delay in the release of this third album has seen many grind bands come into prominence. However, now that Gadget are back, one can only hope they are able to ride this to once again stand atop a very well rounded style of music. There are no shortage of bands doing what Gadget does, but this record proves they still have what it takes to be one of the best.

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