Graveyard Of Souls - Pequeños Fragmentos De Tiempo Congelado - (8.5/10)

Published on December 2, 2017


  1. Todo Se Desvanece Lentamente
  2. Entre Fragmentos De Locura
  3. Beyond The Black Rainbow
  4. Cementerio De Ilusiones
  5. As Lightday Yields
  6. Al Atardecer
  7. Across The Cygnus Loop
  8. Kristallnacht


Melodic Death / Doom


Endless Winter

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Pequeños Fragmentos De Tiempo Congelado, literally translated as ‘small fragments of frozen time’, is the fourth album by Spanish Melodic Doom/Death band Graveyard Of Souls and comes only four years after debut release, Shadows Of Life. Graveyard Of Souls’ sound is highly atmospheric, with fantastic lead guitar work, which sets it apart from many other bands in the genre. The sound is quite similar to Godless Beauty-era Cemetary, but the vocals are all deep, powerful and indecipherable growls.




The opening couple of tracks are quite good, but don’t really stand out. They have their moments, such as the memorable lead guitars in both tracks and the great synths that add atmosphere and depth to “Entre Fragmentos De Locura”, but it’s from “Beyond The Black Rainbow” that Graveyard Of Souls really hit their stride. Every track from here on in is an out and out winner. Take “Cementerio De Ilusiones”, which has it all – melodic and hugely atmospheric backing synths, big guitars, monstrous growls and a really memorable chorus. What’s not to like?



The fine cover of Lake Of Tears’ “As Lightday Yields” is where the band sounds most like Cemetary and is followed with the finest point on the album – “Al Atardecer”, combining melody, melancholy and heaviness to great effect with more breathtakingly good lead guitars.







“Across The Cygnus Loop” is the most ambitious track here, an instrumental consisting of gentle synths that create a sighing effect, occasional drum beats and faint, wailing lead guitar like the sound of a poor creature in its death throes. It’s a quiet, calming piece and therefore adventurous and risky in comparison to the rest of the music on Pequeños Fragmentos De Tiempo Congelado, but the band pull it off, producing something that is quite beautiful.



Pequeños Fragmentos De Tiempo Congelado is an excellent album, thanks to Graveyard Of Souls’ expert blending of melody, heaviness and great songwriting, so fans who like plenty of lead guitar with their Doom/Death should lap this up. The stronger songs here also leave the impression that this is a band capable of producing even better, so their next album may be one to keep an eye out for.



James Bushnell

Author: James Bushnell

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