Gravitational Distortion - The Void Between Worlds - (8.5/10)

Published on November 6, 2015


  1. Preemptive Mass Suicide
  2. The Void Between Worlds
  3. Exospheric Decomposition
  4. Electromagnetic Bombardment
  5. Imploding Planetary Masses
  6. Induced Photoevaporation
  7. Crushing Interstellar Solitude
  8. Cosmogyral Incineration


Brutal Death


Inherited Suffering Records

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Canada, lest you forget, is pretty huge. Second to Russia in total territory and harboring a taiga that rivals the Amazon rain forest, the country sits atop the US like a giant fucking pompadour, wild and untamed and cold as penguin shit. Poised to earn some brootal cred from their land-mass leading Russian counterparts, five dudes from this partially inhospitable and totally polite region are looking well beyond the pines and firs and great gray owls and up into the starry firmament beyond. They’re called Gravitational Distortion and, like their namesake ensures, they are heavy.



Their debut full-length album is entitled The Void Between Worlds, and it harbors some of the best slamming brutal death one is likely to snap their necks to in MMXV. Sure, the subgenre’s truisms are loud and proud here, but Gravitational Distortion’s penchant for mixing up tempos, ratcheting up the momentum, and utilizing an extremely beefed up production makes for one exhilarating and punishing listen.



Consisting of past and present members of Envenomation, Mortify, Will of the Ancients, and From Ruins, the group deliver sci-fi-based brutality with a defined blueprint on how best to pull apart the cosmos. Titles like “Induced Photoevaporation” and “Crushing Interstellar Solitude” conjure scenes of death and despair bent around a dystopic and endlessly warring alien universe. The music is a mixture of genre heavyweights like Extermination Dismemberment, Abominable Putridity, Disgorge, and Pathology, taking the former duo’s stunningly dense slams and incorporating the latter’s technicality and gnarled groove. The aftermath is pure devastation that would have the gents in Wormed nodding their approval. Star-shattering riffs, planet-cracking slams, and enough deep reptilian gutturals to keep the tall whites quivering in their long johns.



While Canada isn’t the first place one would look for such hammering slam, Gravitational Distortion should position the country in the crosshairs of the brutal death faithful and subsequently prompt the emergence of even more practitioners of the savage groove. Through its technical cunning and sheer physical force, The Void Between Worlds disintegrates the current field.


Evan Mugford

Author: Evan Mugford

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