Gulguta - II - (7/10)

Published on July 27, 2017


  1. Une Vie
  2. Ce Que Tu Es
  3. Ni Dieu Ni Maître
  4. Pantin Des Dieux
  5. Liberté Absolue
  6. Pour Oublier
  7. Je T'emmerde
  8. Sans Voix
  9. Evolution Régression
  10. C'est Comme Ca
  11. Comprendre
  12. Désarroi
  13. Rien Ne Change
  14. Je Suis
  15. Imbibé De
  16. Seul
  17. Maintenant





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Having been around fr the last five or so years, the Swiss grind three-piece Gulguta already made some heads turn on their debut back in 2013, but February saw the release of their second album, aptly titled II. Released by the band themselves, the album is slightly over 20 minutes of non-stop aggression, with some great adrenaline inducing riffs, despite some lack of variety.

gulguta 3

There is no denying the band loves the heavy and fast approach. The only bit of a slower pace the album takes on is in the short closing track, but otherwise this release repeatedly slaps you on the face for 20 minutes. With some sharp guitar tones, and riffs changing at a break neck pace, II is not short on that quick attack the genre is known for. Lacking any clean singing, the anger comes forth quite well in the vocal department, just adding more intensity to the album. While maybe not as memorable as some performances by heavyweights in the genre, the vocals are still very much true to the style, and can’t really be faulted.

That being said however, there is a certain lacking deep end in the form of bass and drums. While there is a definite use of the two instruments, the production being somewhat raw hinders the bottom end from really coming through. Further, the album does lack in the variety department. Sadly, despite the songs being balls to the wall, they do suffer from sounding too much like one another, and feel interchangeable. There is a sense that the album loses the listener a bit even with the short run-time.

gulguta 1

While there is no denying that band is very solid at their approach to the genre, there also is not quite anything yet that screams “must hear” about II. It’s a damn fine album, and grind fans would be still be good to check this out, but the band could still use a bit more seasoning on their song writing to really stand out among the pack, and create something above the rest. II shows a still young band working hard, and getting their bearing under them, and it would be wise to keep an eye on them on upcoming releases.

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