A Hero for the World - West to East, Pt. I: Frontier Vigilante (Power Edition) - (2/10)

Published on December 29, 2017


  1. A Hero Returns
  2. Into the Wild West – Premonition (Somewhere Out There)
  3. Gold of Klondike
  4. San Fernando
  5. Out Where the West Begins
  6. Cheyenne
  7. Eldorado
  8. The Saloon of Death and Dance
  9. Outlaw in the Wild West
  10. One, Two, Ready, Kill!
  11. Unforgiven in Rio Bravo
  12. The Other Side
  13. Champion
  14. Into the
  15. Somewhere out There


Power / Heavy Metal



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The Philippines are not really known to be a hotbed for metal and more often than not these “exotic” countries rather sport a blend of brutal death metal or nihilistic black metal, so bombastic power metal definitely is the exception to the rule. Enter Jacob Kaasgaard, David Sivelind and Andy Gentile (yes, all of them old Filipino nobility without a doubt), also known as A Hero for the World, who are offering their third effort West to East Pt. I: Frontier Vigilante (Power Edition) to the world.

And as much of an “exotic bonus” some might like to slap on this band and album, it is one of the poster boys of a hot mess. Now technically they have all the right ingredients, melodic, easy going power metal of the European school, some pomp, high vocals, some keyboards, but if this was served as a dish at a restaurant, the Michelin stars would be falling like leaves during an autumn storm. Prime example (or offender) is opener “A Hero Returns”, which features standard pomp power metal, but while the vocals are not bad per se, they meander between bland and uninspired, continuously testing the limits of his voice and frequently exceeding them and the (far overused) screams are pathetic at best, especially in the middle, where Kaasgaard goes for several of them in a row and at the end an extended scream amalgamates with a grand finale like showing of all instruments on full frenetic force to create an utter mess to close the song…


Not all songs manage to reach where no song has reached before, but “Gold of Klondike” is nothing more than average without spark with only the little Western interludes adding something interesting, while “San Fernando” has this ultra-saccharine chorus that also shows Kaasgaard’s limits again and “Out Where the West Begins” is epic alright, but the vocals absolutely kill it. They also try to bring a Western theme into some of the songs, with some country guitars and results in the trainwreck that is “Outlaw in the Wild West”, where at roundabout half time there seems to be an attempt at a solo section, which completely clashes with the rest of the song bumbling along.



While the songs are nothing to write home about in the best cases, it is the vocals where the biggest downfalls happen. Either hampered by uninspired and awkward vocal lines or just seeming half a note off, Kaasgaard is struggling throughout, especially when he tries to go powerful and scream-y, it has a tendency to get pretty cringeworthy, efficiently killing attempts at creating an epic musical setting for the stories about the American West.


The world will need a hero after the wreck that is West to East Pt. I: Frontier Vigilante (Power Edition),

Alex Melzer

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