Horror God - Techne - Split CD - (6/10)

Published on December 7, 2017


  1. Horror God - Golden Billion
  2. Horror God - Dust
  3. Horror God - We Are
  4. Horror God - Sinking Into Transparency
  5. Techne - Breathe
  6. Techne - Conviction
  7. Techne - Techne
  8. Techne - Finita La Commedia




Lavadome Productions

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This split release comes from Moscow’s Horror God and the mysterious Techne. Mysterious because it seems so difficult to find out anything about them; even the comprehensive Encyclopaedia Metallum has no mention of them and apparently they are calling it a day after this release, so they may remain an enigma. Horror God are less mysterious, having formed in 2006 and released two full-length albums before this split album. Both bands are adept musicians and know how to produce solid Death Metal. The issue with this release, though, is the lack of outstanding songs.



The Horror God contribution is probably slightly weaker, although there are positive moments. Highlights include the lead guitar in “Dust”, with some Morbid Angel-like soloing, the seamless changes of pace in the same track and the catchy riffs and Death-like bass in “We Are”. However, this isn’t quite enough to lift those songs to greatness and it is perhaps a sad reflection on the quality here that “Sinking Into Transparency”, a cover of a Purulence track, is comfortably the best track on this half of the album. It’s an excellent rendition of a great Death Metal track, with slow, gloomy parts and some great lead guitars.



Techne raise the bar slightly, “Breathe” bringing good leads, melodic keys and vocals that lurch from vicious snarls to gloomy wails and various points between. It’s quite good, but not great, slightly doomy Death Metal. “Conviction” has interesting elements, such as the use of synths to create a strange, demented wailing effect, but the track is meandering, lacks coherence and is thus loses much of its impact. “Techne” shares the strangeness of “Conviction”, but is far more effective as the different parts come together cohesively and the band’s creativity starts to shine through.





The best is saved until last, and comes in the shape of an instrumental. “Finita La Commedia” features great lead guitars, really creative use of synths and as a pleasant surprise, a hefty dose of sitar, which is done brilliantly and complements the rest of the music perfectly. It’s by far best moment and shows reason to be optimistic about Techne. Or it would, if they were continuing as a band, which they appear not to be. But who knows?



Overall, this is solid, workmanlike Death Metal, with some brighter moments.



James Bushnell

Author: James Bushnell

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