Huoripukki - Voima on Oikeutta - (8/10)

Published on September 19, 2017


  1. Voima on Oikeutta
  2. Voima on Oikeutta
  3. Antropomorfia
  4. Suttern Verta


Death / Thrash


Caligari Records

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Huoripukki (that’s Finnish for whoremonger) is a relatively new death/thrash band. The Nokia natives formed in 2008 and have released a handful of demos and an EP in 2016. Voima on Oikeutta is the project’s latest release and it’s an enjoyable little piece of depravity.



Finnish death metal is known for a raw, nasty approach and Voima on Oikeutta is no exception. This is one grimy piece of old school death metal. Imagine Undergang if they played Finndeath and we’re getting lose to what Huoripukki is up to here.


The guitars are deep and filth caked and have a careening, off-the-rails feel that is excellently done. What sets the guitars apart from many other bands though is the frantic, thrashy soloing that has a raw, punk edge to it, Even when the band mixes in some blackened riffs, like on “Antropomorfia”, the results are crude and barbaric, as they are on the slightly doomy “Sutten Verta.” The band really rides a blackened riff for all it’s worth on this track and the results are intense and impressive. Huoripukki really strikes a great balance of creating audible riffs while still sounding murky and chaotic;  Voima on Oikeutta sounds as if it is always on the edge of decomposing, like it is held together by the barest bits of flesh.



The vocal approach for this style of death metal is spot on as well; the growls are deep to the point of being inaudible but contain all the menace and ferocity they need. The drummer did not get the memo about punk influenes; Voima on Oikeutta contains hardly any of the punky d-beats Swedeath drummers often use, opting for a clattering, blast heavy approach which only adds another level of controlled chaos.



While it is certainly not the most original release to come out recently, there is always something enjoyable about bands who can take the basics of death metal and rework them in memorable ways. Huoripukki does exactly that on Voima on Oikeutta. This EP is 17 minutes of rotting, stinking, thrashy death metal. If that sounds like something you’d enjoy, give Huoripukki a chance.

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