Ignotus Enthropya - Solid Silver - (8/10)

Published on December 21, 2014


  1. Prelude
  2. Solid Silver
  3. Extinction
  4. Digital Deception
  5. Writer's Words


Melodic Death



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Ignotus Enthropya is a Hungarian melodic death metal act that formed in 2009. The band’s debut release, Solid Silver, was released in September of 2014 and features four tracks and an intro, clocking around twenty minutes. The band’s sound can be likened to the high octane style of many Finnish acts, with early Children of Bodom and Kalmah instantly springing to mind; not bad company at all when talking about melodic death metal. Sporting an extremely professional production job with a punchy guitar tone and classy keyboards patterns, Ignotus Enthropya’s debut is one that belies the band’s independent status.


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Despite the originality of this album, I can help but feel a stab of nostalgia when listening to Solid Silver. If this was released at the peak of the melodic death metal craze, Ignotus Enthropya would be legendary at this point. Taking the speedy, keyboard laden style of early Children of Bodom, adding the heavy handed riffing and guitar virtuosity of Kalmah and injecting offbeat rhythms and progressive song structures, Ignotus Enthroypa have dropped something that is marginally original despite its close ties to albu ms that have come before it. Palm muting and classy licks fill the verses, while fast paced riffing and double bass kicks run amok throughout. Tons of scaled melodies and winding arpeggios are strewn through Solid Silver, like the introduction of “World Words”, help to give the EP a nostalgic appeal.



Each member shows off their chops at some point, like the killer slap bass intro on the title track or the shredding solo on “Extinction”, but the band uses their skill to their advantage rather than writing a pretentious wank fest. The entire affair is laden with airy keyboard backdrops, but the keys do step forward in a Children of Bodom type fashion at more than a few moments. It’s hard to describe Ignotus Enthropya’s music without namedropping a ton of melodic death metal bands, but it should be safe to say that if you dig the likes of Children of Bodom, Norther, Kalmah and Skyfire, you should definitely be into Solid Silver.

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