Indelve - Crash - (8/10)

Published on February 1, 2016


  1. Blood In The Water
  2. To The Teeth
  3. Drift
  4. Recede


Alternative / Metal / Rock



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Indelve - The Metal Observer


Indelve are an unsigned band formed in 2009 out of Brooklyn, New York. The four-piece act has one full-length, but as of December 2015 unleashed their newest set of recordings, an EP entitled Crash. Indelve combine some alt. metal and hard rock tendencies as their overall basis but manages to throw in some very apparent heavier influences and even some more progressive elements. Throughout the 24 minute run-time of the EP, there is a certain sense of flow and emotion that permeates the band’s sound quite nicely, and shows off some pretty catchy and impressive musical ability. 


Indelve - The Metal Observer


The album begins with the longest track, which does a great job at feeling shorter than it actually is and processes most of the various ideas the band is able to employ in their music. Melodic vocals that actually manage to create some atmosphere, while the guitars have simplistic, yet very memorable riffs. The drumming and bass are very present, but never exactly show off either, though they manage to help the songs feel more full and in some cases the drumming helps the songs move along more than the other instruments. The record follows down this path more or less for its duration, but there are a few extra things thrown in here and there as well. As the album progresses, growls and harsh vocals are introduced, a nice little variant to the vocal approach, but its not overdone or unwelcome. The harsher vocals seem to fit the emotion of the song and work well in creating a more impactful listen as the music itself has plenty of heavier moments as well. There are also some very impressive leads and guitar solos (the biggest instance being the last three minutes or so of the opening track) on Crash, which can sometimes take a more spacey or psychedelic vibe. 



Crash is definitely an independent album, in that there are some examples of some rougher mixing and production. At times, the vocals sound mixed bit too high, and some of the transitions from the softer to the heavier sections sound a little muddy and come off a bit jarring, but for the most part, the production quality very admirable, and while not as polished as many acts in the genre, it still has a definite charm that feels natural. 


Indelve - The Metal Observer


Indelve have created an EP that is quite an impressive listen. From the melodic vocals to the great guitar work, the band has crafted a very memorable and addictive record. With the band listing so many different bands as influences, this could have easily come across a lot messier or just downright bad. However, the band has been smart about highlighting certain parts of various bands and combining them to work to their strengths. While Crash can come off bit rough in some cases, the product as a whole is very enjoyable and well worth many repeats listens.

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