InnerWish - Innerwish - (8.5/10)

Published on June 25, 2016


  1. Roll the Dice
  2. Broken
  3. Modern Babylon
  4. Machines of Fear
  5. Needles in My Mind
  6. My World on Fire
  7. Rain of a Thousand Years
  8. Serenity
  9. Sins of the Past
  10. Through My Eyes
  11. Zero Ground
  12. Cross the Line
  13. Tame the Seven Seas




Ulterium Records

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Some bands release album after album of high quality metal and barely get any attention, while others follow the flavour of the day and shoot to meteoric stardom. Greek InnerWish definitely are neither flavour of the day, neither have they experienced any kind of stardom, so the bet is safe to lump them into the first category, not least since InnerWish, their second album with Swedish Christian metal stalwarts Ulterium Records, is already their fifth, with all of them ranging from good to excellent.


Equipped with new vocalist George Eikosipentakis, their latest album is another great addition to their catalogue and also a strong contender in a very competitive year for power metal. There is not a lot of fluff around here, but InnerWish deliver a bit more of a heavier and also at times darker edge, where Eikosipentakis’ powerful voice fits in perfectly. Over the album some songs conjure up images of French Nightmare, who ply a similar trade and being far from a copy, it is definitely not a bad comparison by any means.


InnerWish band


Setting out with tight and crunchy “Roll the Dice”, InnerWish quickly shows why the band is widely regarded as one of the genre’s best unknown bands, so to say. A tight, driving verse leads into a very catchy and strong chorus that excellently sets an exclamation mark and Eikosipentakis has just the right power and grit to complement the melody, great start to the album. And they continue right on into the mid-paced heavyweight “Broken” and stomping “Modern Babylon”, none of which are anything groundbreakingly new, but are more than just convincing with the maturity of melodies and structures that despite having a certain catchiness to them never become shallow or fishing for a wider audience.


Aided by a tight, powerful production, InnerWish has ample of space to unfold and being the first album in six years apparently also helped with the maturation of the songs. Tracks such as “Rain of a Thousand Years” have supporting keyboards, but so well integrated that even keyboard-haters will have a hard time to find great fault in them, which also goes for the epic closer “Tame the Seven Seas” that finishes the album in style.



InnerWish’s fifth should get them more much deserved attention, because the overall package is very, very good. It has the quality, the heaviness, the atmosphere, the melodies, the vocals, so the only thing standing between the band and some more success is the metal world’s potential apathy towards bands they have not heard of or that are not being pushed via videos, title stories and viral propaganda. In that case InnerWish might be one of 2016’s best kept secrets of the power metal world!

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