Invocation Spells - Descendent the Black Throne - (8/10)

Published on November 9, 2015


  1. The Betrayal of Bastard
  2. Lust to Death
  3. The Black Rite
  4. Occult
  5. Under Shadows of Pentagram
  6. Revenge of the Serpents
  7. Descendent the Black Throne
  8. The End of Time


Black / Thrash



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When it comes to filthy black/thrash metal, the Chilean underground scene is thriving. While South America, in general, is home to some of the most maniacal blackened metal of all time, Chile has been delivering in spades. Acts like Hades Archer, Perversor, Force of Darkness and Slaughtbbath have consistently released solid material, but it’s time to add another name to the ever-growing list of diabolical fiends from Chile, Invocation Spells. This duo, consisting of the appropriately named Obssessor and Witchfucker, released their debut album, Unholy Blasphemies, in 2014 and quickly returned with Descendent the Black Throne in March of 2015. Originally released on Metal Command Records, Hells Headbangers picked up the album for a December 2015 reissue, to help the band reach an audience outside of South America.


Invocation Spells Logo


From the opening notes of “The Betrayal of Bastard’, it’s immediately apparent what Invocation Spells is aiming for; the caustic and acerbic soundtrack to the apocalypse. Fast paced speed metal riffing, rampant thrashing and acrid black metal aesthetics combine to bring a razor sharp attack that leaves no question as to where these guys come from. Despite the unrelenting, swirling concoction of riffing that charges straight out of the gate, the band brings a strong production job that sounds surprisingly crisp without sacrificing the filthy, primeval overtones of the genre. The rhythm section soldiers along, with a barrage of double kicks and bursts of frenetic blasting backed by sauntering bass lines. Impressively, the bass is featured prominently in the mix which, when coupled with the thrashing guitars, morphs into a filthy montage of pummeling riffing. The vocals sound like raspy growls rising from under layers of dirt and decay, firmly rooted in the styling on the South American scene.


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Descendent the Black Throne is a fine offering that fans of the South American black/thrash scene should find more than potent enough to satisfy their hunger. The music is a swirling, boiling cauldron of miasmic blackened thrashing that would make Sarcófago proud. It’s not often a band is able to find that fine balance between filthy, sweltering blackened metal and crisp production values, but here we find an album that is as primordial as it is listenable. Invocation Spells is one of Chile’s finest offerings in recent years, and that’s really saying something because their scene is on fire lately.





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